new titliest and Pinnacle golf balls


Titliest, the world's favourite golf ball, and it's sister brand Pinnacle are to welcome several new golf balls to their line-ups for 2008.

The details of the new lines can be found below...


Titliest's NXT range is to be bolstered by the arrival of the
new NXT Extreme, a golf ball designed with big hitters in mind.

What does stand out is the funky packaging, which has been designed in the shape of an 'X' to emphasis the distance enhancing technologies inside the ball.

If you're a big hitter looking for even more distance then this golf ball is definitely going to be worth a try.


Pinnacle is to introduce two new golf balls for 2008 - the new Platinum Feel and Platinum Distance.

The premium golf balls improves upon the predecessor Exception model, offering a softer variation, as well as a longer version to attract better players.

Pinnacle Platimum Feel:

The Pinnacle Platinum Feel is designed for golfers seeking soft feel and high performance control within the “better player” value category. They utilises a soft, thin cover formulation and a large core construction that contributes to softer feel with a high initial velocity.  A new, high coverage 332 dimple design helps provide consistent ball flight.  A new, alignment sidestamp promotes better putting accuracy.

Pinnacle Platinum Distance:

The Pinnacle Platinum Distance golf ball is the longer distance companion to the Platinum Feel golf ball. A new high velocity core formulation, resilient lower spin cover and new, high coverage 332 dimple design combine to provide golfers long, straight distance on all shots without sacrificing feel.  A new, alignment sidestamp promotes putting accuracy.

The RRP for the Pinnacle Platinum Feel and Platinum Distance is £4 for a sleeve of three balls.