Nicklaus Claw Hybrid


If you own a hybrid golf club you'll know how difficult it can be to get it properly aligned with your target - but not the new Nicklaus Claw Hybrid!

The lofted Nicklaus Claw hybrid clubface, combined with some offset makes it really hard at time to get it square to the flag or a spot on the fairway.  Nickalus Golf reckon they have come up with the answer though in the Nicklaus Claw Hybrid golf club


- Maximum Twist Resistance (MTR) due to extreme polar weight distribution.
- Tighter shot dispersion due to extremely high Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.).
- Optimized stability through impact.
- Enhanced energy transfer and ball velocity.
- Reduced friction through turf.


- Patented Extreme Polar Weight Distribution creating an extremely high M.O.I.
O ptimized Stability – Center runner flanked by thinner stabilizer rails creates less drag through impact, allowing the clubhead to stay online more easily.
- Dual Point Technology – Center of gravity aligned with optimal face flex point for maximum trampoline effect.
- Straight topline and flat iron-like face promotes proper alignment.
- Extra 50 grams of weight throughout the center runner in the sole, in line with the club’s center of gravity for increased launch angle.