nov 1 final fantasy


Today's Golfer's Winter Fantasy League is off to a flying start this week and you've been racking up some record points tallies.

Heading the league is Trimble's Happy Hacker's who managed to haul in a massive 264 points after picking all three players in the play off at the HSBC Champions event.

But that doesn't mean the team is uncatchable as the second event on our winter league schedule, the Hong Kong Open, kicks off tomorrow and all is to play for.

Don't forget to change you team however as you only have until midnight tonight to sign up any new players before the cut off point for the tournament.

Make any changes after this time and they'll be held over until AFTER this weekend's event - meaning you'll have to play with the team you had from the HSBC Champions event - many of which won't be playing in Hong Kong. Click here to change your team now.

And if you're not signed in for the Winter League yet it's never too late as there will be plenty of prizes up for grabs for monthly winners as well as overall champions - click here to sign up to Today's Golfer's fantasy league now!