Benross Fairbrid X


If you're a regular TG reader you will be aware that we like Benross. Quality kit and great prices would be a perfect description and their latest bit of kit - The Benross Fairid X is another stunner.

We're over in Munich at the European Golf Show and after catching up with the Benross guys on the Benross Fairbrid X we can show a little example of what you can look forward to early in 2009.

This is the new Benross Innovator X Fairbrid, a club range designed to plug the gap beautifully between your 5-iron and driver.

Benross seem to have realised that lots of us golfers don't use longer irons, we prefer to use hybrids...but knowing which hybrid and fairway wood to use can be tricky. But Benross might have changed that with the Benross Fairbrid X!

There are 3 degrees of loft between each club, starting at 15 and going up to 24, so the traditional 3-wood and longer irons are basically replaced.

As for the club itself, it features an exceptionally low Centre of Gravity to help get the ball in the air, and is also comes with a fantastic Aldila DVS shaft as standard!

Early in the new year we will be showcasing more of the new Benross range in the mag and online, so keep logging on if you want to know more!

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