Power Swing Personal Training Aid


They say:

A complete training kit designed for golf-specific conditioning. There are 37 different exercises and warm-up options tailored to helping you to develop proper swing habits and muscle memory. Choose from exercises designed to strengthen the muscles used to improve club control and shot accuracy, build strength to add distance to your shots and to develop better balance and posture. A programme of just 10 minutes a day, three times a week, is all most golfers need to remain golf-ready.

Wayne's verdict:

I've never been a gym-junkie and don't really get any pleasure from pumping iron, but the fact that I could follow this exercise programme at home appealed. The instructions were easy to follow and very thorough, but I found the routines a bit too intensive. You need to be pretty strong to use the bungee cord, and I really ached the next day! Although I've begun to build better golf muscles, it's not translated to massive distance gains yet. I see the programme as a long term commitment and expect to reap the benefits in about 6 months.

Distance gained: 8 yards

Price: £34.99

Contact: 0845 0506545
Website: www.perfectmygolf.co.uk