Ryder Cup 2008 Preview & News



The Ryder Cup 2008 is going to be HUGE. Make no bones about it. With an unprecedented amount of print, TV and online coverage it really will be impossible to miss the Ryder Cup 2008 at Valhalla.

And it's for that very reason that over the next two weeks we will be building up to the Ryder Cup 2008 like never before!

We've got a whole host of features to get you excited about the event itself, the date of which is September 19th to the 21st 2008, with everything from a Valhalla golf course guide to TV schedules, player interviews and even a unique Ryder Cup 2008 Fantasy Golf League to get involved in and win lots of prizes.

Below you'll see a series of links to all of this content - and we'll be adding more and more every day up to the event, when we'll be upping sticks to report from Vallhalla golf course itself with golf blogs and all the inside news direct from the Ryder Cup. Don't miss one second of it!