TG Compare golf equipment Week 2


Most of you will have had a good look at our all-singing, all-dancing price comparison tool called TG Compare.

It's been on the website for a couple of weeks now and it offers you the chance to shop around for the best prices on the best bits of gear to help improve your game without having to trawl the net for hours.

But we know that lots of you don't have oodles of time to be searching around, so every week the TG Equipment team of Sean Ramsdale and Jon Greathead are going to have a look for you!

We will highlight one or two pieces of gear that we think are particularly good value and draw your attention to them!

So, here's what we found this week...

The TG Gear team have been finding more rubbish off the tee than Baker-Finch in the 90s. So the natural place to start searching was the rescue club section of TG Compare....and what a bargain we unearthed. We found a King Cobra Baffler DWS 08 for £79.99. That's nearly a £45 saving and considering it was one of our Gold Award winners in the recent hybrid test, we think this is pretty special.

We also hunted down some new irons for our resident professional Sean ...and we found a set of Callaway X Forged irons for £549....that's a whopping 300 notes less than the crunch or no credit crunch, it's a cracking offer!

Right, be sure to log on next Tuesday for the latest and greatest goodies we've found on the fabulous TG Compare.

>> To try TG Compare golf equipmnet price comparison tool click this link now and have a play.