The Masters - It's the most anticipated golf event of the year and Today's Golfer and Golf World have decamped to Augusta National to bring you the inside line on one of the greatest sporting events on earth.

In the lead up to, and during The Masters, our team will be bringing you a different take on the tournament with never seen before insight into what it's really like to watch the pros tackle the hardest golf course on Tour.

Why will we be doing this? To give you the tools and golf tips to help you get in the mind of how the top Tour golfers practice, think and play around the toughest of golf courses. We hope by doing this that we can help you play better golf.

So rather than feed you the same old rubbish you've seen and read before we want our Masters coverage to really give you a behind the scenes view on what really happens at Augusta come Major time.

So kick back and keep visiting us over the course of the Masters Tournament and the build up to it as we bring you our own experiences via a blog, spend a week following Brit and Masters virgin Nick Dougherty as he sizes up his first Tournament and find out just how much Tiger Woods practices before the big event. We'll also be analysing all the big shots to give you all the golf instruction you need to play them yourself too.

For all this and more keep logging on and visiting this page as we add story after story on your favourite golf event....