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Golf instruction is something we all need at various points in our development as golfers and starting this week todaysgolfer.co.uk is going to provide all the help you need.

Each Wednesday we'll be publishing a new Golf Tip of The Week video to help you play better golf and we'll be employing some of the best tutors in the game as presenters.

Each week we'll be picking the best new golf tuition video we've filmed and getting you involved too. On the bottom of each tip page you'll see a 'Discuss This' button and by clicking it you can leave your own personal comments about your game or how the tip might help you. Perhaps you've even got a tip of your own to share? If so click the button and tap away to share it with your fellow golfers.

So keep an eye out on the site this Wednesday for the first Golf Tip of the Week and get ready to join in!