Best Golf Mid Layers


The best golf mid layers offer the versatility to keep you warm when it’s cold, comfortable when it warms up, dry when it rains and able to swing your club freely. And the right golf jumper look great both on and off the golf course.

No golfer’s wardrobe should be without at least one mid-layer sweatshirt, pullover or jacket option. They’re great items to have in your bag for Spring and Summer but, most importantly, vital for getting your layering right in the winter.

The wrong layering can affect your ability to swing the club correctly and make for a highly uncomfortable 18 holes. Keeping your core at the right temperature is also critical to performances and there are some great options. The key is to have all the necessary combinations available to you on the golf course so that you can combat low temperatures, high winds, wet weather or a combination of all three.

The golf tops marketplace is highly competitive with the clothing specialists (Galvin Green, J Lindeberg, Oscar Jacobson, Lyle & Scott, Glenmuir, Golfino) competing with the golfing powerhouses (Ping, adidas, Nike, Puma, Mizuno and Callaway). There are plenty of other options and between them you are guaranteed to find the right golf mid-layer to fit your needs and preferences.

To help you make the right choice we’ve picked out 20 of the best golf jumpers. So, whether you’re a golfer looking to stay comfortable and stylish on and off the course or someone who is seeking the ideal gift for the golfer in your life, you’ve come to the right place.

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But let’s start with our favourite mid layers.

The Ping Power Half-Zip is one of the best golf jumpers.

Ping Power Half-Zip

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Black; Delph Blue

Ping has really pulled off a bit of a coup with the standard of this golf apparel and where it is placed in the golf mid-layers marketplace. It feels fantastic and, if like me, you really like lots of thin layers when tackling winter golf, this will fit perfectly over a base layer and shirt and you can still add a waterproof and it doesn’t feel too bulky. It’s very stretchy and will do a brilliant job of protecting you in cold weather and isn’t bad either when its wet.

The Galvin Green Insula Half-Zip is one of the best golf mid-layers.

Galvin Green Insula Half-Zip

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Red: Navy; Sharkskin; Black; White; Blue Bell; Green

When you just a bit of extra protection this is the perfect second of two layers and ideal for those who want to their clothes as thin as possible. It’s almost like wearing two base layers and is tailored beautifully so in cool rather than cold weather, it is the ideal piece of golf apparel.

You will need extra help if you are playing in very low temperatures but every keen winter golfer should have one of these. Golfers worried about clothing restricting their movement will love this.

The Galvin Green Lucas is one of the best golf mid-layers.

Galvin Green Lucas

Sizes (UK): XS-XXL | Colour options: Lucas Black; Green + Black; Navy; Blue Bell + Navy; Shark Skin + Black

Of course it’s a lot of money but Galvin Green is not just about paying for the name. This brilliantly-engineered piece of golf clothing is the crown prince of the golf mid-layer market. From a layering perspective it could be number one, two or three but in our winters it works as a fantastic number three. It works wonderfully in the wind and, for the most part, in the rain.

With Galvin Green you also get lots of attention to detail and they also look fantastic. That’s not especially important to most of us in low temperatures or wet weather but it’s still a very nice added extra.

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The adidas Cold.Rdy Quarter-Zip is one of the best golf pullovers.

adidas Recycled Content Cold.Rdy Quarter-Zip Pullover

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Crew Navy; Black

While its understandably great that this is made from 100% recycled plastic, this excellent piece of golf clothing is worthy of considerable mention because of performance. It might be a bit too tracksuit top for some but if that’s not a problem, it’s a great second or third layer and if you need to keep warm is a highly effective operator, especially when you consider, price wise, it is near the lower end of the market.

The Under Armour Storm Daytona Half-Zip is one of the best golf mid-layers.

Under Armour Storm Daytona Half-Zip

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Academy; Black; Grey Wolf; Royal

Under Armour’s comprehensive Storm range covers all the style bases and you can even go the full Jordan Spieth via the hoodie option. The American company have done a great job in producing a range that will appeal across the full age range and you get an excellent mid layer with all the weight of UA’s technical expertise without breaking the bank. I particularly like the fit around the neck and although it doesn’t offer the uber comfort of some if its rivals, they are a great option in the cold weather.

The Nike Therma-FIT Victory Half-Zip is one of the best golf mid-layers.

Nike Therma-FIT Victory Half-Zip

Sizes (UK): XS-XXXXL | Colour options: Black; Blue; White

This won’t win any beauty competitions but don’t let that put you off. This certainly feels roomy and that will appeal to those who don’t want to show off their figure. It looks and feels fleecy and while that is not everyone’s cup of team, it is highly effective in doing what it says on the tin. When the temperatures are really cold this will come into it own. It is perfect for those crisp, dry morning rounds. Not one to be exposed when the weather is wet but again a great, cost-effective option.

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The J Lindeberg Kian Tour Merino is one of the best golf sweaters.

J Lindeberg Kian Tour Merino Sweater

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Blue + Navy; Grey + Grey Melange; Black

I appreciate beauty is in the eye of the beholder but you just don’t get better looking than this for my money. The Swedish clothing specialist has long been admired for its stylish offerings and the Merino feels amazing.

I have always preferred the quarter zip to the half variable, however with garments made like this (it’s 100% wool), there is always a big but.In terms of long-term care they are high maintenance but if you have the time and the inclination they are worth the investment. Sometimes just feeling like you look the part can help and most of us need all the help we can get playing in cold weather.

The Puma EGW is one of the best golf mid-layers.

Puma EGW By Puma Golf Hooded Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Blue; Black

Puma has always been a bit funky and it has embraced the growing demand for hooded protection as much as any of its rivals. While traditionalists will hate them, they make a lot of practical sense.

In the UK we have lots of need for layers and winter golf clothing that combats squally showers so rather than the phaff of putting your brolley up and down 10 times in a round, why not just flick up the hoodie? Putting that element to one side this is a highly versatile mid layer and very comfortable while swinging. It also feels a lot lighter than it looks.

The Lyle & Scott Windshield 1/2 Zip Midlayer is one of the best golf pullovers.

Lyle & Scott Windshield 1/2 Zip Midlayer

Sizes (UK): XS-XXL | Colour options: True Black; Cactus Green; Observer Grey

This is another great-looking golf jumper option. (What is it about that badge?) The famous Scottish brand has done a great job of combining the best of what made them famous and what’s hot right now.

It is very practical – if like me you quickly run out of storage spots playing in wet weather, the big pocket on the right hand side is very helpful – and this mid layer gives in all the right places which is obviously critical playing cold weather golf.However you’ll definitely need another layer in the wet but overall it feels like a great fit.

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The Oscar Jacobson Waldorf Pin Cotton Zip Neck is one of the best golf mid layers.

Oscar Jacobson Waldorf Pin Cotton Zip Neck

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Light Grey; Navy; Carbon Black; Royal Blue; Carbon Black + Light Grey

If you like the feel of cotton then this Oscar Jacobson option is a must and, as someone who does, I did struggle to take it off. From my own personal perspective, feel wise you just can’t beat it and it is so stylish. From a practical perspective it’s not a match for some of its cleverer rivals but again if you get a cold-but-dry day, this will work perfectly for most players in cold temperatures.

It’s a tad bulkier than the average mid layer and neck wise, if I am being very picky, I would have preferred it to finish lower down but don’t let that detract from the big picture. Also, price wise, it feels like a lot of garment for your money.

The FootJoy Chill-out Pullover is one of the best golf jumpers.

FootJoy Diamond Quilted Chill-out Pullover

Sizes (UK): Small-XXXL | Colour options: Black; Navy; Cobalt; Grey; Red; Charcoal

A very smart and simple-looking offering from the shoe specialists that is very stretchy. If you like that feeling of tightness all over, it is an excellent option and as someone who likes lots of thin layers, this is right up there as a must-have. You can really tell it is 83% Nylon and I would use this over a base layer and under another mid layer to minimise bulk when playing in cold weather. Felt really nice around the neck as well.

If you’re unsure about the quilted finish then FootJoy also offer ClassicRibbed and Contrast versions, all of which look fantastic.

The TravisMathew Zachary HZ is one of the best golf mid-layers.

TravisMathew Zachary HZ

Sizes (UK): XS-XXL | Colour options: Black; Heather Dark Shadow; Heather Blue Nights; Heather Light Blue

This is another great all-rounder from a company that is making a name for itself in terms of producing high-class golf clothing and mid layers in particular. It is also gaining plenty of traction and its association with Jon Rahm can only help expand its world-wide appeal.

The Zachary does everything you would want from a versatile mid-layer and will stand up pretty well to wet weather as well as cold temperatures. It’s also low maintenance when it comes to long-term care and pulls off that trick of sliding on to you.

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The Ping Felix is one of the best golf mid-layers.

Ping Felix

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Black pattern + black; Greystone pattern + Navy; Delph Blue pattern + Navy

Another highly practical offering from Ping with an eye-catching pattern which looks like the world’s hardest version of tetris. What it certainly is is great value for money, even at the RRP. It is 100% polyester and part fleece and that is not everyone’s cup of tea but Ping’s patented SensorWarm technology will certainly be your friend in cold temperatures and, of course, Ping knows exactly where to provide you with more support and more give.

The adidas Primeblue Cold.Rdy hoodie is one of the best golf mid-layers.

adidas Primeblue Cold.Rdy Half Zip Hooded Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Black + White; White + Sonic Aqua; Crew Navy + White

The hooded version of its close cousin (Recycled Content Cold.Rdy Quarter-Zip Pullover), again offers the opportunity for distinctive styling if you feel that’s important. Looks very much like a tracksuit top (more so the higher up you go) but adidas are clearly pitching this at players who are looking for something a bit different (very Brooks Koepka and not very Mark Brooks) and the sustainability element of this mid layer is always worth highlighting.

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Mizuno's Quick Dry Breeze Quarter Zip is one of the best golf mid-layers.

Mizuno Quick Dry Breeze Quarter Zip

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Deep Navy; Blue Bell; Mint

As you might imagine from the Japanese giants, this is a clever piece of kit that uses all the advancements in technology to increase your chances of staying warm and dry even in the worst of wet weather and cold temperatures. It’s so thin you could almost put two of these on when it’s really cold and it won’t hamper your ability to swing the club just how’d you like to. They also look very smart in the two-piece style.

The Glenmuir g.arran is one of the best golf base layers.

Glenmuir g.arran


Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Light Grey + Light Grey Marl + White; Ascot Blue + Light Grey + White

Another strong offering that looks the part and Glenmuir has really pulled out all the stops re keeping you warm when the cold weather really bites. The eye-catching padded front is quilted so it is bulkier than most but if you don’t mind that feeling then the extra protection will serve you well. Again the neck protection goes very high and personally I am not a huge fan but again this is just a subjective call. Will offer some protection against the rain but certainly you will need another layer if the wet weather persists.

The Golfino men's sweater with Tencel is one of the best golf mid-layers.

Golfino Men’s golf sweater with Tencel component

RRP £119.95 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Navy; Grey Flannel; Electric Blue

Tencel you ask? Well that is Golfino’s attempt to replace non-biodegradable elements of its products with ones that are much more environmentally friendly and sustainable. It comes from wood and just once again highlights how clever these people are.

The new collection is also pretty smart and exceedingly appealing to the touch. The downside is after care and it can only be hand washed, but if that isn’t a problem you will love everything about this. This is as good as it gets in terms of combating the cold.

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The Galvin Green Dwight Insula is one of the best golf mid layers.

Galvin Green Dwight Insula

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Black + Green + White; Black + Sharkskin + White; Blue bell + Navy + White; Navy + White; Red + Navy + White; Surf Blue + White; White + Sharkskin

This stylish quarter zip from Galvin was launched last year but remains in the range and continues to be one of my personal favourites.

Not only is it super soft with loads of stretch through the swing, it’s breathable and its excellent thermal insulation helps to keep you warm and comfortable.

It’s a regular fit with elasticated cuffs to help lock in the warmth. The zip chest pocket is ideal for small items.

The Puma Alterknit Digi Camo is one of the best golf mid layers.

Puma Alterknit Digi Camo

Sizes (UK): Small-XXXL | Colour options: Dark Denim; Deep Lichen Green: Ibiza Blue

Golf sweaters have come a very long way over the years, the Digi Camo being a case in point. The cotton and polyester mix is both breathable, moisture wicking and will keep you warm. You’ll probably have seen Bryson DeChambeau wearing it in the last year and, much like the big-hitting America, you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd with this modern design.

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The Callaway Blended Merino quarter-zip is one of the best golf jumpers.

Callaway Blended Merino quarter-zip

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Moody Blue; Black Ink; Steel Heather; Peacoat

Another interesting one from Callaway. This is made up of 50% Merino Wool which means, when it comes to the major players, it has a texture all of its own. Think hard wool but yet remarkably flexible and it certainly feels very protective.

The good news it also does more than feel protective. Excellent at trapping heat but not one to get wet. However, we put it in our best golf mid layer section for a reason and it’s also very attractive from a value-for-money perspective.

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The Sunderland Hamsin Lined Sweater is one of the best golf mid-layers.

Sunderland Hamsin Lined Sweater

Sizes (UK): Small-XXXL | Colour options: Lightening Blue + White; Black + Electric Blue; Navy + White; Electric Blue + Black; Silver + Gunmetal; Navy + Red

Another golf mid layer that is 50% Merino wool and 50% Acrylic but Sunderland also utilises a ‘bionic finish’ using nano technology which gives you extra help in wet weather. It will definitely combat Scottish mizzle perfectly fine.

There’s also a lightweight lining designed to help when its windy and you have to hand it to the Scottish manufacturer for its ambition and also its range of colour options. It won’t win points for style but then again for the pragmatists out there, that will be the least of their worries.

The Abacus Sunningdale is one of the best golf mid-layers.

Abacus Sunningdale Half Zip Midlayer

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Black; Blue; Navy; Grey + Black

Another very modern/sporty offering from the Swedish sportswear company which definitely feels more effective than comfortable. I’m not a huge fan of the more-loose-fitting bottom-part of this mid layer but that apart there are no issues in terms of the most critical elements… helping you stay warm in cold temperatures and also not restricting your swing.

The FootJoy Chill-Out Xtreme Sport Pullover is one of the best golf mid layers.

FootJoy Chill-Out Xtreme Sport Pullover

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Charcoal + Emerald + White; Black + Grey + White; Navy + Red + White; Heather Light Blue + Navy; Heather Grey + Charcoal

The 2020 version of FootJoy’s hugely successful pullover, but it’s still widely available at a great price (from £69.99) and we still love it. A modern and stylish option, the Xtreme Sport has a fleece lining to keep you warm and comfortable. Moisture-wicking tech ensures you stay dry, while a zip pocket on the chest is ideal for scorecards and pencils. We love the subtle use of colour.

FootJoy also offer a standard ¼ zip Chill-Out Pullover option without the colour blocking and zip pocket for £65 and a performance fleece version, with reach-through front pockets, for £110.

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