Golf Short Game

  • Tour Technique: Dustin Johnson

    04 January 2018

    Dustin Johnson: How the world’s best golfer backs up prodigious power with a pinpoint wedge game  World No.1 Dustin Johnson is of course known for his immense power. But in 2016 he set about improving the one area of his game that really needed work; his wedge play. He bought a Trackman launch monitor, started taking it to events and, together...

  • Jon Rahm's short-game masterclass

    10 November 2017

    Short Game Special: Improve your accuracy thanks to these tips from World No.4 Jon Rahm A razor-sharp short game is the key to really low scores and saving a bad round. From pitching to bump and runs and splashing shots out of bunkers, Jon Rahm is brilliant at it all. You've got to be to go from World no 766 to 5...

  • Drill: Tee up with a wedge

    19 October 2017

    Tee it up with a wedge: An easy way to stop chopping at your chip shots No doubt you've read that when it comes to irons, you need to squeeze the ball for the perfect strike. While it's true a downward attack is ideal for iron shots, that angle only needs to be fairly subtle. A slight downward hit allows you to...

  • Improve your short game with Tyrrell Hatton

    08 October 2017

    Want to improve your short game? Find out how from three-time European Tour winner Tyrrell Hatton 2017 Dunhill Links and Italian Open champion Tyrrell Hatton teaches you how to play those tricky shots from just off the green and helps you decide whether to take an eight iron or wedge. "The wedge is the harder club to use," he tells Today's Golfer...

  • 9 ways to fix your short game with Shane Lowry

    Written by Edward Colman on 14 October 2016

    How to knock chips close every time Shane Lowry has broken into the top 30 in the world – and his silky short game has played a key role in his meteoric rise (along with three European Tour victories and a WGC title). He's a magician around the greens and his uncanny ability to get up and down from the most awkward...

  • Luke Donald’s short game tips

    Written by Edward Colman on 13 October 2016

    If your short game is costing you too many shots, then this is perfect for you as former World No.1 Luke Donald helps improve your short game in these three videos. Donald talks you through how to get better distance control on approach shots, how to enjoy success in the sand and mastering the chip and run shot from just off...

  • How to master the belly wedge

    Written by Edward Colman on 23 September 2016

    Fault: Inconsistent results when your ball is nestled by the collar, just off the green. Fix: Modern courses – inland, largely – have a mown collar around the green which is bordered by rough. If you run through the putting surface, the ball can often nestle against this rough barrier, making it tricky to putt and hard to hit the bottom of...

  • Distance control system

    05 August 2015

    In this instruction video, TG coach Jonathan Wallett explains the distance control system that one of his tour player clients created.

  • Practice more effectively

    27 May 2015

    In this instruction video, TG Top 50 Coach Steve Astle shows you how varying your lie while practicing can improve your game.

  • How to save par from an upslope

    Written by Kevin Hale on 07 May 2015

    Your approach comes up just short of the target, rolls off the front of the green and down a slope. Now you’re left with a tough up-and-down and club choice is vital. When you’re assessing it think about what your aim is. Is it to get the ball really close, or just to be on the green? If you’ve got...

  • Three ways to control your distance

    Written by Andy Sullivan on 22 April 2015

    I swing to three points with each of my wedges to gauge distance. It means I can consistently hit any number within a 30-yard range with the same wedge. The first point is a tag or sticker on the shaft. I swing so that this is in line with my shoulder. For a longer shot I swing so my hands are...

  • Scoreable short game

    09 August 2014

    Using a target for your landing zone can help improve your chipping around the greens and improve your scores. Take a look at this drill Gareth Johnston shows us using a golf towel to increase your short game focus and control to get you chipping close.

  • Scoreable practice

    08 August 2014

    Doing some scoreable practice and recording your results can help improve your short game as you try to beat your previous bests. Gareth Johnston shows us a simple drill to help improve your chipping around the greens using an adjustable circle as a target around the hole. Take a look at the video for more.

  • Score better in the wind Bump and Run

    20 May 2014

    Having trouble pitching in the wind? In this video, former European Tour player Oliver Whiteley, based at Bramall Park GC, Stockport, explains how to use the Bump and Run method.  The bump and run is a fantastic shot from inside 50 yards because the wind shouldn’t affect the shot at all. It can also be very effective even when it isn’t...

  • Lock the left wrist for consistent ball striking

    Written by Adrian Fryer on 13 May 2013

    In this video tip TG Elite Teaching Professional Adrian Fryer talks about locking your left wrsit to hit more consistent chips as part of our 25th Anniversary Best Ever Tips feature. By locking your wrists and making a swing similar to that you would with a putter, you can eliminate unwanted wrist hinge to ensure that you don't scoop the ball off...

  • Flop it close

    Written by Richard Ellis on 29 October 2010

    The flop shot is a great option to have at your disposal should you find yourself in a tricky situation around the green. You need a good lie and if you get one, you need to take advantage, using the advice in this video tip from TG Elite Teaching Pro Rich Ellis. The key is to accelerate the club through the...

  • A new way to play the flop shot

    Written by Lee Scarbrow on 03 September 2010

    With a pin tight to the edge of the green, the only way to get your ball to stop quickly by the flag is by playing a high spinning flop shot. As TG Elite Teaching Pro Lee Scarbrow explains in this golf video tip, using a stronger left hand grip allows you to hinge the wrists early in the backswing and get...

  • Use the slopes to your advantage

    Written by Lee Scarbrow on 27 August 2010

    When faced with a sloping green, you shouldn’t just ignore the slopes and go straight for the flag! If you can, try and use them to your advantage to get your ball closer to the hole. In this example, TG Elite Teaching Pro Lee Scarbrow finds himself facing a chip to a flag just over the top of a ridge. But...

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