Driving and Woods

  • Sarah Jane Smith: 3 driving power moves

    08 March 2018

    Sarah Jane Smith: 'Crush it past your partners with my three driving power moves' Let's face it, nothing beats ripping a tee shot miles down the fairway. It's even better if it  flies past the drives of the guys in your group. If you want to out- hit your playing partners more often, you'll need to add some serious power and stability...

  • Jason Day's power tip: Increase your hip rotation speed through impact

    29 January 2018

    Explained by Jason Day: Why you should increase your hip speed through impact to get you more distance  If you look at a lot of the world's longest drivers these days, myself included, we all rotate our hips very fast in the downswing. Some people are born with natural speed but you can always work to improve whatever you have. I've done...

  • Dustin Johnson: How to generate power

    08 January 2018

    Dustin Johnson: Create A Wide Swing Arc To Generate Maximum Swing Speed  This tip originally comes from our sister magazine, Golf World The key to hitting the ball further is generating as much clubhead speed as you can at impact and transferring as much of that energy as possible into the ball. I swing the club at 121mph and launch the ball...

  • Is a 3-wood more accurate than a driver off the tee?

    11 December 2017

    In our biggest questions answered series, we decided to ask the experts: Is a 3-wood more accurate than a driver off the tee? As it turns out, yes it is. But that doesn't mean you need to start copying Henrik Stenson and hit a lot more three woods off the tee, as it doesn't necessarily mean it is the right play. "When...

  • How to hit your fairway woods and hybrids

    15 November 2017

    Find that narrow piece of short grass off the tee or hit the green 200+ yards away The famed versatility of the hybrid comes through the head's shape and weight distribution. Rounded and weighted low, it is equally at home digging a ball out of a divot or sweeping it off a tee. Though more forgiving than ever, the fairway wood...

  • Paul Dunne: Left shoulder low

    Written by Golf World on 06 October 2017

    Paul Dunne teaches you how to improve your transition through the ball with this simple two-step drill My bad shot tends to be a high block or a bit of a hook out the toe of the club. Both of these are caused by the same fault in the transition and into the downswing. It happens when my left shoulder gets...

  • Shorten your driver for more control

    21 September 2017

    'Shorten' your driver to find the sweetspot – and the fairway – more often We're taught to grip the driver at the top end of the grip. It makes sense; by making the club as long as possible, you make it as powerful as possible. But gripping at the top can also lead to loss of control. The extra weight of...

  • Shift your weight to hit pure woods

    04 September 2017

    In this tip, Tour Professional Pablo Larazzabal teaches you how to shift your weight to hit pure shots with your woods A lot of amateurs shy away from using their fairway woods and long irons, or simply don't hit them as well as they could. This leaves a big distance gap between the driver and the mid-irons and prevents you from...

  • How to hit a power fade

    23 August 2017

    Hitting the power fade: Why this shot can be as long as a nice draw  For most golfers who slice the ball, a draw becomes something of a holy grail. This is often based around the notion that a slice saps distance, while a draw adds it. However, this isn't necessarily true. A fade can go as far as a draw so...

  • How to hammer it like Hideki Mastuyama

    07 August 2017

    The Six key things you can learn from Hideki Matsuyama's golf swing The World No.3 is Japan's highest ever ranked male golfer, and with five PGA Tour titles under his belt at just 25 years old, he's proved himself to be an outstanding competitor. Matsuyama tore apart the field on the final day of the WGC Bridgestone Invitational, birdieing all three of...

  • Swing Tips: Brooks Koepka

    19 June 2017

    Back in June, Koepka raced to a four-shot victory during the final day of the US Open at Erin Hills to win his first major title, and now we delve a little deeper in to the swing that helped him get there.  Breaking it down in to how Koepka sets up for his power fade off the tee, we look at...

  • Driver Set Up: Power Posture

    13 June 2017

    Four things your driver set-up needs to hit it long and true  Fault: Short, offline tee shots Fix: Use set-up to promote a more powerful launch and a better strike  A long drive needs dynamic movement, and that can only come from a balanced and ready set-up. A good set-up primes your body for action, alerting relevant muscle groups; it also pre-sets...

  • Henrik Stenson powerful swing secrets

    04 May 2017

    "I may be known for hitting my 3-wood, but I do take out my big stick when I feel like I can really attack a hole and go for broke" - Henrik Stenson I would like to think I can keep up with the longest guys on Tour, yet lots of my power comes from things you can do, too –...

  • Dustin Johnson: How to hit long drives

    20 February 2017

    Learn how to hit long drives like World No.1 Dustin Johnson We asked the World No.1 and 2016 US Open champion to divulge the secrets behind his powerful drives, and he not only gave us insights in to his game but provided some great advice for amateurs everywhere.... Where does your power come from?  Power is a product of leverage,...

  • Sergio Garcia's four best driving tips

    Written by Michael Catling on 06 February 2017

    Sergio Garcia offers his four best driving tips to help you on the course Back in April, Sergio Garcia defeated Justin Rose in a play-off to claim his long awaited first major title at the Masters, becoming the third Spaniard to do so behind Seve Ballesteros and and Jose Maria Olazabal. During the Masters, Garcia was ranked 1st for fairways hit at...

  • Are you giving up 50 yards with your driver?

    Written by Michael Catling on 03 February 2017

    Daryl Evans, European Tour manager at TaylorMade, makes his living out of fitting the likes of Martin Kaymer, Justin Rose and Dustin Johnson on tour. So who better to explain why it’s worth splashing out on a custom-fitting session... 1 Treat your clubs like your shoes I don’t know why anyone would start golf and not get custom fit. You don’t have...

  • Why you should drive like you putt

    Written by Edward Colman on 27 October 2016

    A great swing thought to improve your tee shots this weekend. Fault: Poor rhythm and power through snatching the club away Fix: Take the driver back like a putter, low and slow One of the most common driver problems we see is cocking the wrists early in the backswing. Though wrist cock in itself is not a bad move, it needs to...

  • Positioning on the tee

    23 March 2016

    In this instruction video, TG Top 50 Coach Steve Astle shows you how your position on the tee can improve your performance.

  • Consistency off the tee

    23 March 2016

    In this golf instruction video, TG Elite Professional Adrian Fryer teaches you a drill to ensure your tee shots remain consistent.

  • An easy way to gain yards

    04 November 2015

     Place your front foot for a fuller turn   Fault: A short backswing that costs you distance. Fix: As we get older we may not be as flexible as we used to be, meaning we don't turn as well or hit the ball as far. One simple way to increase your shoulder turn and create more power is to turn your front foot...

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