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  • Pros

    Very easy to use, generates a lot of data from your game

  • Cons

    Approach stats a bit misleading

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Game Golf is a digital shot tracking system that analyses your round by allowing you to ‘tag’ the position of each shot you play, thanks to a receiver on your belt that marks your location via GPS. You get set up by placing a red tag in the top of the grip of every club in your bag. Then either before or after you play the shot, tap the end of the club on your receiver to mark your shot. After each round you upload your data online to see your stats in detail. It has some impressive admirers, including Lee Westwood and US President Barack Obama. Includes tracking device, USB cable, 18 club tags, protective pouch and product guide. Purchase from or 

We took a fourball of TG readers to Hickleton Golf Club to test it out. Watch the video of their test above, and here are their thoughts:

First impressions of the Game Golf shot tracker:

Darren Sleep (Handicap 6): The idea is great, we’re getting stats like the pros to see where our weaknesses are.
Paul Hiscock (Handicap 12): It was easy to get set up on the website. It took about 15 minutes to place the tags into each club in the bag, and then away you go.
Ian Bennett (Handicap 6): The challenge is getting used to the process of tagging – tapping the tag in the butt of the club into the receiver device worn on your belt. It’s a simple thing to do though and you soon get used to it.
Neil Lacey (Handicap 6): I decided to incorporate the tagging into my pre-shot routine. It’s all down to personal preference as I know others tag after playing their shots. For me, it became natural to do before. I think opting to do it afterwards makes it too easy to forget.

What impressed you the most?

DS: The ease of use and the amount of data it generates. Plus your ability to check and tweak the tagged locations.
PH: The fact you can set it up between friends and do longest drive and nearest-the-pin competitions. It’s a lot of fun.
IB: The extra enjoyment you get by competing with each other through the stats and being linked up online.
NL: I thought it would be a bit of a gimmick but it’s very easy to use – even for a technophobe like me – and easy to upload.

Anything you didn’t like?

DS: It might be better if golfers could tag the hole after holing out to make the stats more accurate and stop the need to manually alter the pin locations.
PH: It might be good to have a small screen on the device to give front, middle and back yardages, perhaps it could be incorporated into future editions.
IB: The Approach stats are a bit misleading as it sets the pin position as the middle of the green by default, so unless you manually change the pin positions in editing afterwards, your proximity to the hole and putting stats aren’t accurate.
NL: They’ve tried to cancel out very poor strikes, punch shots etc, but the club distances still won’t be entirely accurate.

Overall views

DS: A great piece of kit. It’s easy to set up online and the device itself is discreet; you don’t know you’re carrying it on your hip.
PH: The feedback is invaluable, I’m sure it will help me improve.
IB: Very impressed. Already I’ve noticed my scrambling stats were 60% plus so clearly I need to hit more greens in regulation!
NL: It shows where you’ve been on the course and if you feel the locations aren't quite right, you can move them afterwards in editing to get more accurate stats. I just need to play more!

Would you recommend the Game Golf shot tracker?

DS: Definitely. You can sort your swing out with your pro, but this way you get all the important numbers and it’s so convenient having access to the data afterwards via phone or iPad.
PH: Yes, though later models might benefit from auto upload of data to avoid the need to connect to a computer.
IB: For sure. It suits all handicappers as they can see where they need to improve.
NL: The best endorsement is that I’ll be using it. If it was too complicated, I wouldn’t.

This reader review appeared in issue 326 of Today's Golfer - click here to subscribe to TG

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