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It’s important to explain Nikon say this rangefinder is aimed at serious golfers for use in practice rounds. The unit measures distance to targets up to 1,000 yards away and also takes into account any slope to the target. Jon liked this feature, as it helps calculate club selections. He also noted the change in the display from grey to orange when it got darker.

Richard felt it was one of the more complete rangefinders on test and felt it was something professionals would use rather than the normal golfer out with his mates. Like a couple of the Bushnell devices, the price was a sticking point but if you are a serious golfer who wants to have a serious bit of kit, the outlay will be worth it.

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The 100AS is a high performance laser golf range finder for distances up to 915m. Designed to offer wonderfully clear views on the golf course, this golf range finder features an active brightness control function that automatically turns on and adjusts the brightness of the viewfinder's LED in low-light. Meanwhile, the specialised golf mode simultaneously generates actual distance and slope-adjusted distance, to improve your accuracy on the golf course.

Equipped with Nikon's Target Priority Switch System, it is quick and easy-to-use, and allows you to switch between Distant Target Priority mode (giving priority to the target furthest away) and First Target Priority mode (giving priority to the nearest target). The specialised ‘Golf Mode’ simultaneously provides actual distance and slope-adjusted distance (horizontal distance ± height) to ensure you always know which club golf to use.



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