Nike Extreme Element Stand Bag Review

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Tested by Jon Greathead, 8 hcp.

I’ve been using the bag for three years now.

I don’t mind lugging a heavy bag about – as long as there is plenty of room to put waterproofs and balls, I’m a happy man. But I thought the Nike looked a little shy on pocket-space. I loved the contemporary look of the bag though, and that it wasn’t too lairy.

There are models with a greater amount of pockets on offer, but the one big pocket on this bag had plenty of room for a waterproof jacket, trousers and a jumper as well. When I was a junior, I ran out of balls once during a knockout match – and ever since then, I’ve been paranoid about doing the same! So the fact Nike had ample room for lots of balls was a key factor in me keeping my ball-OCD at bay. I’ve used Nike bags before and always been impressed with the comfort – it was no different here. It was also pretty light, which would meet the approval of those looking for a more feathery feel.

I’m also super-keen on checking my phone 27 times a round; the position of the valuables pocket at the top of the bag helped me do this. Ultimately, this is quite old in stand bag terms but I’m still using it because it’s fantastic.

It’s lightweight, which is good and bad. The standing-up part is no problem at all – but that’s on still days. It works OK when the wind blows a bit, but in very breezy conditions I had to dig the bag’s legs into the ground a bit to keep it upright. Not a major issue, but worth pointing out.

In rain, because of the lightweight nature of the material, I found the clubs in the bag got wet very quickly.



The Nike Extreme Element stand bag is a comfortable, lightweight bag with plenty of pocket room for your waterproof clothing and ample space for lots of balls.

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