Wilson Staff Deep Red Stand Bag Review

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The Wilson Staff Deep Red stand bag is a high class, high quality item designed to last. It is 8.5 inches and is graphite friendly. It boasts an ergonomically designed dual strap that makes the bag easy to carry and provides extra comfort and support across the shoulders, where the bags weight will be distributed evenly.

It is the preferred method of many golfers for transporting golf clubs and golf equipment round the golf course.

The Wilson Deep Red Stand Bag provides a lightweight and durable solution to ensuring the golfer has all their necessary golf equipment with them as they challenge the golf course.

The Wilson Deep Red Stand Bag and many other golf stand bags are equipped with a selection of zippered storage pockets robust, twin legged fitted stands.
There is a featured auto-stand, allowing the bag to stand securely upright on any terrain. It also features a putter well. 

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Wilson Staff Stand Bags User Reviews

  • 4 out of 5 good for price

    By leebullock

    i have had this bag for 18 months and have yet to stitch any seams, pockets or liners. no sign of wearing the shafts yet either. a good bag for the cost.