Callaway Supersoft 2017 Golf Balls Review

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Callaway’s 2017 Supersoft golf balls are ultra-low compression and provide maximum straight distance and incredibly soft feel

Callaway’s softest ball. The firm says softer balls give more forgiveness, as golfers see lower drop-offs in ball speed and less unwanted side and backspin. An ultra-low compression core promotes faster ball speeds and lower spin for longer and straighter full shots, while an ionomer cover increases softness for great feel and wedge stopping spin.

The complete opposite of a “budget ball” from 10 years ago. As Callaway’s lowest compression ball the Super Soft really does give a very soft feel no matter what club you hit it with. Our pro felt at his club speed (with a driver) he probably compressed the ball too much to hit his longest drives, but the Super Soft was within two yards of his longest iron shots. Soft balls don’t necessarily mean more spin in the short game, but our data said 92% of the balls we tested were within 700rpm (backspin) of each other. That means they’re pretty difficult to separate for short game spin alone.

Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball

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A brilliant low-compression ball. In our opinion the Super Soft is very well matched to golfers who own an average swing speed, which won’t over power and compress the ball too much to cost distance. That means most of us.

Key Features

Softer Tri-­ionomer™ Cover

Premium HEX Aerodynamics

Ultra-­Low Compression Core

Long Straight Ball Flight Trajectory

Product Information

RRP £19.99
Layers Two
Cover material  Ionomer 
Colours White, yellow, pink

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