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Callaway’s brand new Supersoft Magna golf ball is an oversized golf ball built with a higher centre of gravity for easier to launch shots

This brand new for 2019 oversized golf ball is like nothing else out there; it’s a larger than normal ball which has all the super soft characteristics of Supersoft with a super easy-to-hit construction.

It’s a more forgiving golf ball that still conforms to the USGA Rules of Golf, and it’s aimed at beginners, juniors and players who struggle with consistent solid contact, and those looking for more distance and easy launch.

Its size gives it a higher centre of gravity, so it’s easier to launch shots. And because it’s bigger Callaway says you’ll hit it closer to the face and have more confidence when you look down on it. It’s built off the same platform as the Supersoft. 

Callaway Supersoft Magna: Key Features

More forgiveness and consistency from a larger golf ball
Magna is larger, yes larger, than a standard golf ball while still conforming to the rules of
golf. Its higher center of gravity and high MOI allow golfers, especially developing
golfers and slow swing speed players, to make better contact on the club face to
promote more consistent shots with high launch.

Longer distance and increased accuracy from the ultra-low compression core
The proven Supersoft low compression core promotes faster ball speed and low spin for
longer, straighter flight on full shots.

Long carry and long distance from new Low-Drag HEX Aerodynamics®
Newly designed HEX Aerodynamics for this oversized ball are optimized to promote a
lower spin rate, to reduce drag and enhance lift for increased carry, higher flight and
longer distance.

Enhanced feel and increased greenside control from the new softer cover
A Soft Trionomer cover formulation for shot-stopping wedge spin and great feel.

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