Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls 2009 Review

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The Titleist 2009 Pro V1x Golf Balls provide a longer driver distance, improved cover durability and similar scoring performance.

Titleist 2009 Pro V1x Golf Ball utilises a four-piece dual core construction and a new speed enhancing Inonomeric casing layer to lower spin and maximise distance. A new high performance urethane elastomer cover formulation offers improved cover durability.The Titleist Pro V1x utilises a four-piece dual core construction that lowers spin and maximises distance. Click on the thumbnails above to view construction animations of the new Pro V1x golf balls.

Titleist 2009 Pro V1x Golf Balls  have a Dual Core and a soft centre. It's high energy 1.550" dual core delivers low spin and increased velocity. The ball has a new, speed enhancing Ionomeric casing layer controls driver spin for longer distance.

The new, high performance Urethane Elastomer cover formulation offers improved cover durability. The Pro V1x has a Dimple Design and is Tour-proven high with staggerd Wave parting line for consistent ball flight. It has a staggered wave Parting Line and combines with dinple design for consistent ball flight. Finally, the Alignment Integrated Marking sides tamp is an integrated guide for improved putting alignment.

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