Titleist Pro V1x 2017 Golf Balls Review

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Titleist’s 2017 Pro V1x golf ball are aimed to give every golfer more consistency, more distance and more greenside control

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What we say: Titleist’s 2017 Pro V1x balls offer total performance for every player. Golfers will experience even more consistent flight, extraordinary distance with high launch and low spin in the long game, drop-and-stop greenside control, soft feel and long lasting durability. Each element has been formulated to work together. 

The 2017 Pro V1 golf ball features a new Spherically-Tiled 328 Tetrahedral Dimple design, with soft Urethane Elastomer™ cover system. The ball also has ZG Dual Core and responsive Ionomeric Casing layer all of which will provide superior performance you require on every shot.

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Key Features

Extreme Distance & More Consistent Flight

Lower Long Game Spin & High Trajectory

Drop-and-Stop™ Short Game Control

Soft Feel & Long Lasting Durability

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