Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls 2007 Review

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    Best for hard hitters who have no difficulty stopping shots on a green.

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Chris Ryan, PGA professional: “The ball I choose for my own game. Less spin off the driver keeps me a bit straighter off the tee, while allowing me to attack flags located at the back of greens. I’d say it’s best for hard hitters who have no difficulty stopping shots on a green.”

2009, Updated Model – Review

The Pro V1x is designed to spin less than the Pro V1 and that was certainly the case for Malcolm, who drove it 20 yards further. He liked the consistent feel and reduced spin. Mark felt his bad shots were not accentuated with the Pro V1x and it was a relatively firm ball – even though he hit less distance.

One of Titleist's premium balls aimed at the serious golfer. The Pro V1 is the most widely used ball on the world's Tours, and it was the longest premium ball in our test by a couple of yards. Its low spin characterisitcs will suit the longer player who has the faster swing speed. It lacks a little in short game spin control, but will appeal to the better player who hits hard and has good greenside control.

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Titleist Balls User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Titleist Still No.1

    By Martyn Walker

    Titleist keep creating high quality golf balls, long off the tee, with great feel and control around the greens, No other ball will do for me.

  • 5 out of 5 Best ball

    By comedybegs

    This, the Taylormade and possibly the Nike Platinum are the best balls around. I prefer this because i always seem to get a couple of yards extra distance from the tee and a bit more control on my wedge shots.