Best Titleist Irons


Which are the best Titleist irons?

The American golfing powerhouse, which has been synonymous with balls, has been making irons since 1970 and has gained a massive following around the world.

This is reflected in its stellar line-up of leading pros with the likes of Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Patrick Cantlay and Nelly Korda all signed up to play with Titleist clubs.

The Boston-based company has excellent options for golfers of all standards but if you’re looking for new irons, check out our guides to the options from Callaway, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Ping, Srixon/Cleveland, Honma and PXG.

But here’s our look at the best Titleist irons…


Titleist T100 golf irons

RRP per club: £160 (steel); £185 (graphite) | VIEW OFFER
Availability: 3-9 + 2 ws (46°/50°) | 7-iron loft: 34°  

The T100 iron is a modern players’ models aimed at better golfers and the most played on the PGA Tour.

Titleist’s T100 iron has been sharpened and modernised and, as with the other models in the T-Series, built around three key Ds – Distance, Dispersion and Descent Angle. 

Of course when you’re improving the most played iron in the game it’s vital to get the views of some of the best iron players in the world and Titleist have done just that.

Jordan Spieth, Will Zalatoris, Sungjae Im, Cameron Smith, Garrick Higgo and Jessica Korda, have all been involved in the process which has seen the T100 spend more than 1,000 hours in Titleist’s players’ hands.

Designed to provide precise control and unrivalled feel, the T100 is a fully forged dual cavity iron that looks like a blade at address thanks to its thin top line and minimal offset.

The new variable bounce design is Titleist’s “best-feeling ever” with less bounce on the heel and more on the toe for improved turf interaction and feel, something three-time Major champion Jordan Spieth was particularly impressed by.

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Titleist T100s golf irons

RRP per club: £160 (steel); £185 (graphite) | VIEW OFFER
Availability: 3-9 + 2 ws (46°/50°) | 7-iron loft: 32°  

The Titleist T100S iron is a forged model aimed at better golfers seeking more distance. It only differs from the T100 in loft and with the addition of a new muscle channel, which helps increase ball speed.

Two degrees stronger lofted than the T100, the T100S is Titleist’s “faster tour iron”. Almost identical in styling (you’d struggle to tell them apart at address), the forged S is designed to look and feel like a tour iron while giving you extra yards.

As with the other models in the T-Series, the T100S has been built around three key Ds – Distance, Dispersion and Descent Angle.

Created to the same dimensions as the T100, the T100S uses more dense D18 tungsten weights and the same 2000º brazing process used in aerospace construction which helps to eliminate weld points and create an even more precise CG placement for improved MOI.

The new face features a continuous cradle construction that creates a seamless striking surface and more uniform leading edge. The 4i-7i faces were redesigned to provide slightly more spin for improved shot-shaping and stopping power.

Titleist say the new variable bounce design is their “best-feeling ever” with less bounce on the heel and more on the toe for improved turf interaction and feel.


Titleist T300 golf irons

RRP per club: £120 (steel); £140 (graphite) | Men – VIEW OFFER Ladies – VIEW OFFER
Availability: 4-9 + 3 ws (43°/48°/53°) | 7-iron loft: 29°  

The Titleist T300 is a players’ game improvement iron for those who want high launch, distance and forgiveness.

Aimed at mid-to-high handicappers, the T300 is Titleist’s “ultimate” game-improvement iron and, as with the other models in the series, is built  around three key Ds – Distance, Dispersion and Descent Angle.

The mid-sized model, with its premium chrome finish, has a cavity back and uses 40 per cent more tungsten than its predecessor. 

Use of more dense D18 tungsten weights and the same 2000º brazing process used in aerospace construction (and normally reserved for tour irons) has helped to eliminate weld points and create an even more precise CG placement for optimal launch, spin and improved MOI.

The chrome plated finish gives the T300 a premium look, while the size and shape of the head inspire confidence when you’re over the ball.

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Titleist T200 golf irons

RRP per club: £160 (steel); £185 (graphite) | VIEW OFFER
Availability: 4-9 + 2 ws (43°/48°) | 7-iron loft: 30°  

The Titleist T200 iron is a modern players’ distance model used by Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Jessica Korda.

The players’ distance iron of the revamped T-Series, Titleist say the T200 is their most advanced ever with 10 different patents utilised and represents the “biggest shift” within the series, combining sleek looks with impressive distance.

It is the iron for the player who wants distance help, without sacrificing looks, forged feel, trajectory or stopping power.

The multi-material hollow body features an enhanced polymer core that improves speed on off-centre hits and efficiency at impact, while an engineered muscle plate helps bring down the weight and improve the feel and sound at impact.

By saving that weight Titleist have been able to use extra tungsten – more than in any of the brand’s other irons. The more dense D18 tungsten, combined with that 2000º brazing process seen in the T100 and T100S, helps create more precise CG placement and improved MOI across the clubface.

It has a shorter blade length than its predecessor with less offset, a narrower topline and thinner sole for more of a tour feel. The forged L-Face helps create a fast but solid feel.

Titleist’s Research and Development team took all the best of the previous generation T200 and as with the other models in the T-Series, built the iron around three key Ds – Distance, Dispersion and Descent Angle.

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Titleist T400 golf irons

RRP per club: £185 (steel); £185 (graphite) | VIEW OFFER
Availability: 5-9 + 3 ws (43°/49°/55°) | 7-iron loft: 26°  

Golf is really hard so it pays to give yourself every chance and the T400 does just that, especially for those who struggle for distance. It is Titleist’s most forgiving iron and has also been designed so those, with relatively slow swing speeds, get the ball in the air more.

One of the major reasons for its helpful nature is the super thin L-Face, which wraps itself under the base of the club. It means those shots, which come off the bottom of the club, travel well.

The T400 also have a relatively low centre of gravity thanks to small blocks of high-density tungsten, which have been built into the heel and toe. This has been aided by the hollowing out of the head so all the weight can be accurately placed to aid forgiveness and raise the MOI.

With the T400 you also get four wedge options, starting with the 38° pitching wedge. To give you some perspective, Titleist’s T100S 8 iron has a 36° face.

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Titleist 620 CB/MB golf irons

RRP per club: £160 (steel); £185 (graphite) | CB – VIEW OFFER; MB – VIEW OFFER
Availability: 3-9 + 47° wedge | 7-iron loft: 35°

Initially released in 2019, the newly-refined 620 will appeal to strong golfers who back themselves. There is certainly forgiveness built in, especially with the long irons on the cavity back (CB), but for those, who already get good distance, will like the look and control you get from these forged clubs.

The latest version of the CB is more accurate and comes with a better penetrating ball flight. The older model generated a lot of spin – that’s great for some – but also more dispersion.


The longer irons on the CB have also been redesigned to aid balance and the co-forged tungsten heads also really look the part

The muscle back (MB) blades look fantastic – blades possibly just appeal our male bravado but they are just plain sexy – and the clean sleek lines definitely have a retro look.

There is very little offset, as you might imagine, but obviously blades require clubhead speed. If you can’t get the ball in the air or hit plenty of the heel/toe then they are not for you, but accuracy wise are still great for those lucky enough to play with a consistent strike. 

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Titleist CNCPT golf irons 

RRP per club: £500 | CP-02 – VIEW OFFER CP-03 – VIEW OFFER CP-04 – VIEW OFFER 
Availability: CP-02/03: 3-9 +P+W; CP-04: 4-9+P+W | 7-iron loft: 02: 32°; 03: 31°; 04: 30°

The Titleist CNCPT irons use rare super alloys to create what Titleist call the most generous and forgiving impact in golf. At £500 per club they’ll set you back £3,000 a set, this is why…

‘Designed without the restriction of cost’, is a phrase we hear a lot today, as brands are more eager than ever to showcase what their crack teams of engineers and boffins can come up with when they don’t have to worry about how much golfers will pay for a new set of irons.

The term had never been uttered before PXG launched their super premium irons back in 2015. But with major brands having watched Bob Parsons’ company grab a share of their premium iron market, most are now up for trying their hand at selling super hi-tech irons at similarly premium prices.     


Titleist’s ‘Designed without cost restriction’ journey started back in 2016 with the super game-improving C16. Since then though they’ve refocused their efforts on muscleback and player styled CNCPT irons, and the brand announced two new additions in 2020 – the CP-03 and CP-04. The pair are joining forces with the current CP-02 to create a stunning new £500 a club, super iron family. 

Each new Titleist CNCPT iron has a hollow body construction and it’s teamed with a forged super alloy L-shaped face, which is the thinnest unsupported, constant thickness face in golf.

Titleist’s R&D Director of Irons, Marni Ines said “the benefits our super metal alloy brings in terms of ball speed, launch, distance and trajectory are just astounding’.”


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