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Which are the best golf gloves for men and ladies to wear in 2022?

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The humble golf glove might not seem particularly important, but when you consider that your hands are the only part of you that touches the golf club, and the hand that plays the biggest role in your grip will be wearing a glove, you start to realise why you should choose your golf glove quite carefully.

Studies have shown that 98% of golfers wear a glove that is too big for them. A golf glove should feel very tight when you first put it on. You shouldn’t be able to pinch any material on the palm or fingers. If you can cover all of the Velcro with the fastening tab, that’s another sign it’s too big. Don’t be alarmed if your brand new glove feels a bit restrictive at first, it will loosen up within a few minutes or a few shots on the range.

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Leather golf gloves give the softest feel, which is why they’re preferred by most professionals and discerning amateurs. The downside of leather golf gloves is they don’t tend to last as long as synthetic ones and they’re generally more expensive.

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Best Golf Gloves: Men’s

Asher Premium

Asher Golf Premium Golf Glove

Sizes (5): Small-XL | Colour options: Alta 2.0 Grey; Ash; Black Deathgrip; Classic White; Cloud; Dusty Rose; Flint Steel; Ice Blue; Jet Black; Mahogany; Navy Sueded; Sandstone; Sea Foam; Smoke; Yeti | Material: Leather

Asher has made a big impact on the golf glove market in the last decade and its latest premium golf glove will certainly turn a few heads. Not least because there are 13 colour options and some of the designs are bold. One is called Black Deathgrip – two words I will never write again for Today’s Golfer.

The glove itself is made from one single piece of AAA Cabretta leather and the Matching Wrist Detail stitching give it’s a touch of class.

Footjoy Raingrip

Footjoy RainGrip Men’s Glove (pair pack)

Sizes (5): Small-XL | Colour options: Black & White | Material: Synthetic

Footjoy has a stellar reputation for protecting our feet but it has used its considerable knowhow to create a superb waterproof golf glove.

The combination of QwikDry knit material and FiberSof microfiber combine to create a highly-protective-yet-comfortable fit.

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J Lindeberg Premium Leather Golf Glove

RRP £29.99-£34.99 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (5): Small-XL | Colour options: Black, Graffiti Black; Graffiti White; Lava Orange; Navy; Stone Grey; Summer Blue; Thyme Green; White | Material: Leather

A mixture of the modern and traditional, the design and materials used in J Lindeberg’s premium leather glove are pure classic.

However the Swedish clothing giant has produced some quirky style options.

Critically the AAA Cabretta leather is beautifully soft while the perforated palm aids air flow, which is very important on warmer days.


Rife Tournament Edition Golf Glove

Sizes (5): Small-XL | Colour options: White + green | Material: Leather

You can get this special edition glove from Rife for less than £13 now and, considering it made from AAA Cabretta leather, that is a quite a deal.

Also incorporates a moisture-wicking wrist band – an invaluable aspect when playing in hot weather – and you add everything up and you have a lot of golf glove for not very much.

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Nike Tour Classic

Nike Tour Classic 3 Golf Glove

Sizes (5): Small-XL | Colour options: White + Black | Material: Leather

You have got to hand it Nike. Its knack of producing aesthetically pleasing golf products is really something.

Any golfer would like to wear this golf glove and not least because stretch zones ensure give in just the right places. Cabretta leather again is the choice and extensive perforations ensure plenty of breathability.


MacWet Micromesh Golf Gloves (Pair)

Sizes (8): XS-XXL | Colour options: Black | Material: Synthetic

These are our waterproof golf gloves of choice with a pair living in the bag all year and worn for every round throughout the winter months. Not only are they fully waterproof and breathable, they grip more the wetter they get.

They’re also incredibly durable. We’ve used ours across two seasons and, because they’re machine washable, they still look fantastic.

The MacWet Aquatec can be worn all year-round – just wear one glove in normal to dry and humid conditions and wear the pair when it’s wet or damp. In use, they dry naturally within five-10 minutes, keeping performance consistent without the need to change gloves.

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Galvin Green

Galvin Green Lewis Thermal Golf Gloves

Sizes (3): Small-XL | Colour options: Black | Material: Leather + Synthetic

The Galvin Green gloves featuring Interface-1 technology are completely windproof to keep your hands warm.

Cabretta leather palms and super tacky finger tips provide excellent grip during colder months, while excellent breathability ensures the hands remain warm without getting damp or sweaty.

Very durable, easy to wash and maintain and, as you’d expect, a high-quality product that justifies the price.

UA Iso Chill

Under Armour Iso-Chill Golf Glove

Sizes (8): XS-XXL | Colour options: Black | Material: Leather + Synthetic

A very clever bit of kit from Under Armour that is designed for wearm-weather golf. The patented Iso-Chill technology is designed to pull heat away from your skin.

The clever seam taping also ensures you get an excellent fit and another glove that offers great value for money.

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TaylorMade Tour Preferred Mens Coloured Golf Glove

Sizes (5): Small-XL | Colour options: Grey; Navy; White | Material: Leather

As you might expect from TaylorMade, an excellent option and definitely one to consider for those who like their gloves hyper thin.

The company’s patented AAA Cabretta TM Soft Tech leather glides on to your hand. Comfort-wise it is hard to imagine there is anything better.

Callaway Tour Authentic

Callaway Tour Authetic Golf Glove

Sizes (5): Small-XL | Colour options: White | Material: Leather

Callaway’s elite-level offering really looks and feels the part and Callaway’s Opti Fit adjustable Velcro closure just feels incredibly substantial and secure.

It is another incredibly soft leather glove with the added bonus of a cotton Terry Cuff, which also really helps deal with unwanted moisture in hot conditions.

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Mizuno Rainfit

Mizuno Rainfit Wet Weather Golf Gloves (pair)

Sizes (5): Small-XL | Colour options: Black | Material: Synthetic

A golf glove that illustrates perfectly what synthetic materials can bring to the party. They may not have the feel of real leather but when you want protection and durability, this offering from Mizuno is hard to beat.

They are constructed from a microfibre suede fabric which cleverly gets stickier the wetter they get. That means you get fantastic traction even in the worst of it. Always incredibly handy to have a pair of these in your bag for emergencies.

masters cabretta

Masters Cabretta Leather Golf Glove

Sizes (5): Small-XL | Colour options: White | Material: Leather

Masters Golf produce some excellent value products and this Cabretta leather glove is certainly among them.

It is well designed and will allow for give across the top of the hand. When you are paying not more than a tenner you can’t go wrong.

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UA Medal

Under Armour Medal Golf Glove

Sizes (5): Small-XL | Colour options: Black + Steel; White + Steel; Black + White | Material: Synthetic

You don’t often associate Under Armour with incredible value but the Medal range are certainly that.

They are unusual looking but if you don’t have issues with the style they represent great value for £10. They will also last longer than the average leather glove and the textured palm real adds to the sense of grippiness.

Wilson ProFeel

Wilson ProFeel Glove

Sizes (5): Small-XL | Colour options: White + Black | Material: Synthetic

For a glove that is currently available for just £8, it looks and feels a lot more substantial than that.

Wilson have a great habit of producing clever-yet-cost-effective products and the CoolMax mesh knuckles and CoolMax Lycra finger inserts help the fit and also alleviate heat and moisture when the going gets sweaty.

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Best Golf Gloves: Ladies

Asher Chuck

Asher Golf Chuck Ladies Golf Glove

Sizes (3): Small-Large | Colour options: Black; Purple; Pink; Yellow | Material: Leather

The colouring might be a bit too garish for some, but you have to applaud Asher’s commitment in terms of trying to make a splash.

Fundamentally it is also an excellent golf glove with all-weather performance leather upper and AAA Cabretta leather palm combining to give you the best of leather can offer.

Titleist Permasoft Ladies

Titleist Perma-Soft Ladies Golf Glove

Sizes (3): Small-Large | Colour options: White | Material: Leather

A hugely-popular make and model and with good reason. This Titleist glove ticks all the boxes.

It incorporates Titleist’s patented CoolMax panel, which also is ideally placed to help with the fit as well as the breathability.

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Titleist ladies

Titleist Player’s Women’s Golf Glove

Sizes (5): Small-XL | Colour options: White | Material: Leather

Probably one of the most worn gloves in golf, this is the glove the Titleist pros wear.

Beautifully crafted out of Ethiopian Cabretta leather, it works in all conditions and all weather and the thinness of the leather provides the feel the leading players crave.

Srixon Ladies

Srixon Cabretta Leather Ladies Golf Glove

Sizes (4): Small-Large | Colour options: White | Material: Leather + synthetic

With this Srixon offering you are getting a premium product at a very reasonable price.

Uses the best of leather and synthetic very nicely. The lycra inserts in the knuckles, which improve the fit, are a great idea while the leather body feels fantastic and works superbly well in extreme heat.

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