Best Ladies’ Golf Drivers


So which are Best Ladies’ Golf Drivers of 2021?

Any golf statistician will tell you that driving is not just for show in today’s game, it is pivotal to scoring. The right driver will help you find more fairways and hit it further, shortening your approach shots for greater par and birdie chances, making this a club that is well worth investing in.

One of the critical success factors to becoming a proficient lady golfer is to join the 200 club. Women golfers who hit the ball 200 yards or more off the tee will have way more opportunity to score.

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When it comes to choosing the right driver there’s definitely no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ ladies’ club. Given the wide variety of heads, numerous lofts and centre of gravity options, adjustable weighting and other subtle design differences, not to mention the all-important shaft (the engine of the club), it makes sense to get fitted for a driver that is right for you.

So ask yourself a few key questions… Can I swing it faster? Does it optimise my launch? Has it increased my carry and total distances? Is it repeatable? Is it forgiving on mishits? Most importantly, what performance improvements do you desire from your new golf driver?

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Let’s take a closer look at the best ladies’ drivers 2021 has to offer …

Callaway Epic Max

Lofts: 9° , 10.5° , 12° | Stock shaft: Project X Cypher 40g | Stock grip: Lamkin Comfort ST Soft | Adjustable? Yes (-1º/+2º)

Callaway Epic Max ladies' golf driver.

Epic by name and totally Epic by nature. We’ll hang our hats on the Callaway Epic Max driver doing wonders for lady golfers off the tee.

It’s the most forgiving driver in the 2021 line-up and has an oversized shape that is built on a simple equation: max ball speed + maximum forgiveness = the ultimate max driver.

A Triaxial Carbon material keeps the club weight light and makes it easier for you to swing. It saves 19 grams of weight compared to titanium and Callaway have redistributed this weight to promote a high launch and more forgiveness, both distance-enhancing, fairway finding keys in a driver.

The real bonus with the MAX lies in the addition of a 17 gram sliding rear weight that gives amazing adjustability, allowing you to fine-tune your ball flight to counteract your unwanted golf swing tendencies.

TaylorMade SIM2 Max D Women’s

Lofts: 10.5° , 12° | Shaft: Aldila NV Ladies 45 (also numerous custom shaft options available at no additional cost) | Grip: Lamkin Ladies Sonar | Adjustable: No

TaylorMade SIM2 Max D Women's golf driver.

There are three drivers in the new SIM2 line-up but we think that lady golfers will simply love the SIM2 MAX D (standing for draw).

Where historically ‘draw-bias’ drivers have failed to maintain high levels of forgiveness as a consequence of counteracting side-spin (a trade-off for the right-to-left ball flight), the MAX D has completely solved this dilemma.

By placing an Inertia Generator closer to the SIM2’s heel, TaylorMade’s engineers have achieved draw-bias without compromising on the driver’s aerodynamics and forgiveness. The result is a club that will counteract the dreaded slice, is incredibly easy-to-hit and high-launching with an enormous forgiving face that will help you hit it straight.

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Cobra King RADSPEED XB Women’s

Lofts: 10.5°, 12° | Shaft: Project X Even Flow Riptide | Grip: Lamkin Crossline (58R) COBRA CONNECT | Adjustable: Yes

Cobra King RADSPEED XB women's golf driver.

When it comes to adding distance off the tee, even a two-three mile-per-hour increase in swing speed can equate to 10+ yards. There are three King RADSPEED drivers in the new Cobra line-up for 2021, each promising to crash through your driver ceiling distances. Our pick for women’s golfers is the RADSPEED XB (XTREME Back) as it’s lightweight design will increase your swing speed without compromising forgiveness.

The XB women’s driver has a massive 460cc oversized shape that will fill you with confidence, painted in a striking gloss black/elderberry colour that looks fantastic. 20 grams of back-biased weighting (14g of fixed weight; 6g interchangeable) lowers spin, boosting ball speed and helping your mishits fly straighter.

If you want to reduce your slice and increase your chances of hitting a draw then the sister driver the RADSPEED XD offers a solution. This club is aimed at the 5-25 handicapper who typically loses distance due to her over-the-top slicer’s action and designed to counteract this.

The added bonus of every Cobra King RADSPEED driver is that you have the opportunity to track your performance through the clever integrated Arccos Connect technology (a sensor in the grip), that will give you shot-by-shot analysis via the free app.

Titlest TSi 2 and TSi 3

Lofts: 9º, 10º & 11º | Shaft: Multiple custom fit options | Grip: Multiple custom fit options | Adjustable: Yes

Titleist TSi2 driver.

Titleist believe that every golfer has a unique set of golfing DNA, there’s no such thing as a ‘ladies club’ because one type simply can’t suit all, instead we should be fitted for the right club.

There are four new TS (Titleist Speed) drivers for 2021, but we’re focusing on the TSi2 and TSi3. The larger more forgiving TSi2 and the slightly more compact-shaped TSi3 both feature technological-advancements on their predecessor. The drivers are offered in a choice of premium shafts and grips, giving every lady, no matter what your standard, the opportunity to find a driver that will truly allow you to step onto the first tee with the perfect club to perform.

Titleist TSi3 golf driver.

Stamp ‘aerospace’ on a material and you automatically know that it is going to be tough enough to withstand huge forces, but that also makes it hard to work with. That didn’t stop Titleist’s engineers from finding a way to utilise the Aerospace-grade titanium ATI-425 to create amazing ball speeds at every point of contact on the face.

The TSi has a neutral shape that sits square at address for easy aiming and produces a very satisfying impact sound. Titleist’s holistic approach to MOI design means that the clubhead is crafted to transfer maximum speed with a tighter spin range up and down the face, freeing you to attack your tee shots, knowing even miss hits will find the fairway

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Honma T//World GS

Lofts: 11.5°, 12.5° | Shaft: Honma Speedtuned 42 ” | Grip: Honma Rubber 37 GY / WH | Adjustable: Yes

Honma T//World GS ladies' golf driver.

If money is no object and you want a driver that will really turn heads then the GS is every bit the luxury club. The Honma model boasts sleek styling and an engine like an Aston Martin, with a crank-shaped slot on the sole to maintain fast ball speeds across the face and reduce loss of distance on off-centre strikes.

A particularly unique, patented (non-rotating system) hosel keeps the spine of the shaft in the six o’clock position when the loft and lie are adjusted, keeping the GS driver more stable at strike for a straighter ball flight. You’ll be impressed by the consistency of your distance even when you don’t quite catch a drive out of the middle, as the special radial face reduces spin, producing a high gear effect to straighten shots.

The midpoint of the lightweight ladies’ shaft flexes perfectly to help you generate a faster swing speed. This speed is efficiently transmitted to the ball through a more rigid tip and produces fast initial velocity.

Wilson Staff D9

Lofts: 14° | Shaft: Quaranta Blue | Grip: Wilson Staff Women’s Performance Grip | Adjustable? Yes

Wilson Staff D9 women's golf driver.

A cracking ladies driver for under £300! With the D9 Wilson Staff have really invested in producing a women’s golf driver they can be proud of.

The PKR (Peak Kinetic Response) face construction, head-shape and crown technology all evolved off the back of Tour player feedback and with the high-launching 14-degree loft, the D9’s end product is perfect for lady golfers looking for extra length and added forgiveness off the tee.

Wilson offer a standard 10-gram or super lightweight three-gram weight configuration to fine tune the playability to suit your personal ball flight needs (higher/lower, or reducing sidespin.)

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Mizuno ST-X

Lofts: 10.5°, 12° (adjustable by 4°) | Shaft: Mitsubishi Chemical BASSARA E-SERIES 42 Graphite | Grip: Winn Dri Tac Wrap or M-31 360 Undersize Scuba Blue | Adjustable: +/-4°

Mizuno STX golf driver.

Mizuno believe that its more accurate to judge golfers by their swing and stature rather than gender and as such don’t label any of their clubs as ‘ladies’. They are, however, renowned for the quality of their shafts and offer one of the best ranges of light, flexible custom fit options to cover just about every women’s swing type and build.

The new ST-X driver will appeal to the lady whose weakness is a slice (distance robbing left-to-right spin). It has a draw-biased carbon composite construction, aided by a heel side sole weight to counteract even the worst ‘over-the-top’ slicer’s action and keep the club really stable. Built upon the 2nd generation of Mizuno’s Forged SAT2041 Beta Ti face (a high strength metal that resists fractures) for potent ball speeds and consistent performance over time.

We think that ladies will particularly benefit from the J-Spec option, with its incredibly lightweight 39g MFusion graphite shaft suited to slower swing speeds.

Yonex Ezone Elite 3.0

Loft: 12° | Shaft: Yonex L50 EL | Grip: Yonex original rubber 360 | Adjustable: No

Yonex Ezone Elite 3.0 women's golf driver.

Any time golf’s engineering gurus manage to reduce the weight of a driver they get excited because they know it’s going to mean serious distance gains for the user. Yonex’s R&D masterminds have cracked it by reducing the weight of the EZONE Elite 3.0 by a massive 8-10%, which means it is extremely lightweight, a key factor in helping you to increase your swing speed and launch.

The secret lies inside the clubhead, it’s a technology Yonex have called Octaforce Neo, which takes its name from the Octagon-inspired structures that are strategically placed in the crown and face. They assist in giving a low, deep centre of gravity and a 10% larger sweet spot for maximum repulsion and forgiveness.

Take a close look at the club face and you’ll see another unique design feature. Rather than traditional horizontal grooves, the driver has vertical polish on the face that helps to reduce unwanted side spin, so you hit your drives straighter and further.

The EZONE Elite 3.0 has a deep black club head with pretty pink accents and is targeted at the mid-high handicap lady golfer.

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Ping G Le2

RRP £349.00 | VIEW OFFER
Lofts: 11.5° (adjustable +/- 1.5°) | Shaft: Ping ULT 240 (Lite and Ultra Lite flexes) | Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Garnet 360 in three sizes (Blue -1/16”, Red -1/32”, Aqua -1/64”) | Adjustable: No

Ping G Le2 ladies' golf driver.

Improving on an already successful driver is no easy task. It can sometimes be hard to believe that a ‘next generation club’ is genuinely better than the original but in the Ping G Le2’s case the goal was to improve the feel of the club throughout the entire swing by making the overall driver lighter and the improvements are noticeable.

The titanium head is rounder and more aerodynamic than its predecessor, helping you to achieve a faster club head speed. A thin, forged T9S+ material has been used to increase face flexing for more ball velocity and improved launch conditions. Internal heel-based weighting helps to straighten the ball flight and soft turbulators help frame the ball at address.

Ping have always been leaders in ladies custom fit and the new GLe2 comes in an even greater choice of options to empower women of all skill levels to play, improve and get great enjoyment from their golf.

You can truly personalise your ball flight thanks to a new lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve that gives eight positions with loft adjustments (+/- 1.5°), guaranteeing that this is a driver that will really work for your individual needs.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12° | Shafts: Miyazaki C. Kua 40/ 46g | Grip: High Grip Women’s Lamkin 360 | Adjustable? No

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo ladies' golf driver.

Cleveland’s new Launcher HB Turbo driver is like a sports car that has been fine-tuned. The engineers have taken everything we loved in the original Launcher, namely the ability to hit high, long and straight drives, and given it a Turbocharged Cup Face boost.

Not only does this make the ball rocket off the face really fast, but a special variable thickness pattern ensures a higher repulsion over a much larger impact area.

What’s more, a specially-designed Miyazaki counterbalanced shaft, with a centre of gravity positioned higher toward the grip, has allowed more mass to be positioned inside the HB Turbo driver head to increase forgiveness.

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