Best Ladies’ Golf Irons


What are the best women’s golf irons?

It is really important that your irons are just right for you and it is critical they are properly fitted by an experiened equipment professional. 

How do I choose the right golf iron?

Size, shape, flex, material and feel are all important considerations, as it price. Ideally you’ll be custom-fitted for your new clubs but you should always test them before buying.

When testing a new set of irons you want to make sure that your yardages between clubs gap evenly, for instance – 7-iron flies 120 yards, 6-iron 130 yards…and so on. Good solid numbers that make club selection and course management easier. Your irons should be the right weight and flex to fit your physical capability matched to your ability level.

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Do women's golf irons differ from men's golf irons?

What makes a ladies’ golf iron different?

Generally-speaking, lady golfers will suit larger club heads with cavity backs and added perimeter weighting, wider soles, irons made from high-quality yet lightweight components and in particular specialist shafts. Look out for any technologies that can give you a helping hand to be faster off the face with increased forgiveness.

What else should I consider when buying a ladies’ golf iron?

Do you hit the centre of the club all the time or do you need more forgiveness for your off-centre hits? A good iron should dilute your natural tendency, bring your ball flight up or down, add or subtract spin. Ultimately, each and every time you upgrade your iron armoury, you should be expecting tighter dispersion, increased ease of use and a feel and sound that fills you with confidence.

Below is our list of the best irons and prices are based on a full set (unless otherwise stated)…

Callaway Big Bertha Reva irons

Availability: 5-SW | Stock grip: Lamkin Women’s ST Soft
Stock shaft: Callaway RCH | 7-iron loft: 31.5º

Callaway Big Bertha Reva are among the best women's golf irons.

Invented by Callaway Golf way back in 1994, the Big Bertha irons became an overnight sensation thanks to their unique design – an iron that pushed weight to the edge of the club. This clever concept for forgiveness became the foundation upon which modern game improver irons are based, revolutionising the shape as we know it.

Fast forward nearly three decades and the Big Bertha brand continues to be synonymous with the words ‘effortless’ and ‘easy.’ 

Built specifically for ladies, the new Callaway Reva irons promise to offer distance gains no matter how you swing the club. They are designed to deliver more ball speed, higher launch and straighter shots for every lady golfer, no matter what your standard.

The club heads are offset to help you square the face as you strike the shot so the ball flies straighter. A significant amount of custom tungsten weighting in the head further lowers the centre of gravity so you’ll really find these easy to get airborne.

A fancy A.I Flash Face Cup further boosts ball speed while hidden urethane microspheres in the head absorb those nasty unwanted vibrations that make the club jar in your hands, giving a delightful, responsive feel. Easily one of the best women’s golf irons.

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TaylorMade SIM2 MAX OS Women’s irons

Availability: 4-LW | Stock shaft: Aldila NV
Stock grip: Lamkin Ladies Sonar grip | 7-iron loft: 28.5º

TaylorMade SIM2 Max OS are among the best women's golf irons.

When designing the new SIM2 Max (& Max OS) women’s irons TaylorMade engineers asked themselves a simple question – how do we take game improvement irons to the next level, eclipsing the performance of conventional cavity backs? The answer lies in their new Cap Back Design, which uses multi-material advancements learned from metal woods to boost distance and forgiveness with a forged iron-like feel.

We’re certain you’ll feel very confident with a Max OS iron in hand. The wider sole and chunky top line make it look impossible to miss hit. Plus the set has stronger lofts, draw-bias and a super flexible insert, stretching from heel-to-toe to channel away unwanted vibrations (called the ECHO dampening system) and give you a pure forged-like feel

Beyond added distance and speed, Cap Back Design boosts forgiveness with increased clubhead stability at impact to discourage twisting, so you’ll enjoy solid strikes more often.

By getting golfers of every skill level to hit thousands of shots with the prototype the TM engineers where able to identify the most tightly clustered impact areas among solid strikes. Using that data they set out to intelligently expand the sweet spot to capture more of those shots, effectively pinpointing performance where you need it the most for explosive ball speeds and consistency.

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Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal irons

RRP £120 per club | VIEW OFFER
Availability: 4-PW | Stock shaft: Custom fit only
Stock grip: Custom fit only | 7-iron loft: 29º

Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal are among the best women's golf irons.

R&D generally accepts that any new technology needs three generations to reach near-optimal performance. That’s the spin Mizuno give their latest version of the JPX iron, the JPX921 Hot Metal.

The ‘hot metal’ in question is called Chromoly and the feel is absolutely awesome. So what do you get from the set? Faster ball speeds, a piercingly straight ball flight and a very controlled landing.

We think that these irons will appeal to the lady who is totally in-tune with her game. The discerning player who would never opt for standard, off-the-shelf-specs, but would rather get custom-fitted to know that the clubs she swings are perfect for her technique. Mizuno offer a Tour-standard one-to-one fitting experience but as a starter you can use their online ‘quick iron selector’ to help you decide what set you might suit.

If technology matters, then know that the JPX921 has a really advanced design. A stability frame pushes weight to the extreme perimeters with toe-bias for improved contact and results from your miss hits. A re-engineered COR-TECH face, thinner across the centre point makes them powerful and a variable thickness sole gives greater face flex and ball speed.

Tech aside, the sheer beauty of the forging makes them one of our favourites and undoubtedly one of the best ladies’ golf irons.

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Yonex Ezone Elite 3.0 irons

RRP £120 per clubVIEW OFFER
Availability: 5-SW | Stock shaft: Yonex graphite EX-EO3
Stock grip: Yonex original rubber 360

Yonex Ezone Elite 3.0 are among the best ladies' golf irons.

In a year where many of us have experienced a COVID-related hit to our lifestyle it may be hard to justify splashing your hard-earned cash on a new set of irons. Yonex have sensibly kept their prices affordable, which means you’ll get high-quality performance on a budget that won’t break the bank.

Designed for the lady with a handicap in the teens and above, the Ezone Elite 3.0 irons are extremely lightweight and easy to swing, boosting speed and giving you a helping hand to hit shots high.

A key technology called Octaforce Neo is responsible for helping to reduce the overall club weight by 10%. Yonex have located it in the upper back of the club face to help lower the centre of gravity so you launch the ball higher and it also increases face flex so you’ll have powerful forgiveness at your fingertips.

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Cobra King Radspeed irons

Availability: 5-SW | Stock shaft: UST Recoil 450 ESX
Stock grip: Lamkin Crossline with Cobra Connect | 7-iron loft: 27.5º

Conbra King Radspeed are among the best ladies' golf irons.

Featuring a Radical (RAD) weighting design, 3D printed medallion, shot-tracking device in the grip and more…it’s fair to say Cobra has produced a very futuristic club here. So, what do the Radspeed irons offer to attract lady golfers? In a nutshell, the chance to hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently.

Radical refers to the strategic weight screws placed in the heel (3g) and toe (10g). Pushing weight to the extreme edges of the club helps to create remarkable ball speed improvements and extreme forgiveness.

We love our iron shots to feel soft and responsive, there’s nothing worse than a hard, jarring hit, yet traditionally a firmer face added distance. In the Radspeed Cobra has accomplished the best of both worlds by adding a forged insert that increases face flex so that you get a faster ball speed with the buttery soft feel of a forging. That great feel is furthered by an intricate lattice medallion structure that saves weight, so these irons will feel really lightweight to swing.

Every iron is fitted with Cobra’s clever Connect technology – a shot tracking device that pairs with a free Arccos Golf app to give you useful information such as distance club averages, strokes gained analytics and advice.

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Wilson Staff D9 irons

Availability: 6-SW | Stock grip: Wilson Staff Women’s Performance
Stock shaft: Quaranta Blue graphite | 7-iron loft: 27º

Wilson Staff D9 are among the best women's golf irons.

Offering the sleek look of a better player’s iron with the benefits of super game-improvement  distance technology, the Wilson D9 will appeal to the accomplished lady golfer who wants to reduce her handicap. The set has been designed to optimise power from slightly slower swings.

Shot-making creativity is guaranteed alongside ease of use thanks to Power Hole technology that increases ball deflection, allowing more energy to be transferred across the entire club face, giving it a giant sweet spot.

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Ping GLe2 irons

RRP £126 per iron | VIEW OFFER
Availability: 6-SW | Stock grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Garnet 360
Stock shaft: Ping ULT 240 | 7-iron loft: 30.5º

Ping GLe2 are among the best ladies' golf irons.

Ping have always been champions of the ladies game by producing bespoke ladies equipment designed to empower women and one of the key components of that is their exceptional level of custom-fitting.

Additional importance has been placed on expanding the fitting options for women to help you find the ideal set to match your game. The GLe2 really emphasises this through the loft, lie and length adjustability, along with the shaft weight, flex and grip choices.

Ping have also created GLe2 hybrids (4-7) to allow you to create the perfect combo set.

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Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons

Availability: 4-SW | Stock grip: Lamkin 360
Stock shaft: Miyazaki C.Kua 40 | 7-iron loft: 30º

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo are among the best women's golf irons.

For the lady who realises that forgiveness is key to enjoying the game as without it your not-so-perfect shots end up buried in the bunker or at the bottom of a lake! The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons are big (enormous in fact).

Their huge, hybrid-like hollow backs, are just about as forgiving as you get and offer turbocharged speed off the face. At under 500 quid you can’t quibble at the value for money.

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Lynx Crystal irons

Availability: 5-SW | Stock shaft: Lynx Crystal Graphite Bronze | 7-iron loft: 33º

Lynx Crystal are among the best ladies' golf irons.

What if we told you that there was an iron that offered the type of quality you’d normally expect from a brand leader on a budget? The Lynx Crystal golf iron is the equivalent of shopping at Waitrose and paying Lidl prices – we’re not kidding!

The Crystal is offered fully custom-fit, with a choice of high-quality components, for just over £350. It’s wide-soled and forgiving and even comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.

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10. Titleist T200 irons

RRP £160 per ironVIEW OFFER
Availability: 4-PW | Stock grip: Multiple custom fit options
Stock shaft: Multiple custom fit options | 7-iron loft: 30º

Titleist T200 are among the best women's golf irons.

Flying the flag of opportunity for all ladies, no matter what their standard, Titleist’s line-up of irons for 2021 is as extensive as our array of swing types.

There’s the T100, T200, T300 and T400…each with a slightly different design spin and adapted to suit the needs of that player type.

We love the Titleist T200 irons because they’re forged (so you get a really great feel) yet really powerful. In fact, the clever Max Impact face promises to convert near misses to nearly perfect shots.

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