Best Putters 2022


What are the best putters in golf for 2022? Hole more putts with the best flatsticks.

Naming the best putters in golf is not easy. With drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges, we can hit balls on a launch monitor and analyse the data to draw conclusions.

Putters, on the other hand, are a far more personal choice. Some golfers like the look of a blade putter, while others get more confidence from a mallet putter, and loving what you look down on counts for an awful lot. Some putters are best suited to a straight stroke, while others will work best with an arced stroke. 

Once you've seen the putters you like, we'd recommend you go for a full fitting to find the perfect model for your eye and stroke.

The best putter for you is the one you feel most comfortable and confident with. You can make putts with any putter, just the same as you can miss putts with any putter. But finding a putter that feels good may just help you hole an extra putt or two per round, which will make all the difference to your scores.

We’d recommend trying different types of putters so you can see what suits your eye. A putter fitting is a great idea, as it will teach you a lot about your stroke and help you decide which type of putter will suit you best.

Looking for an older model? Watch our 2021 putters test

But even if you do have a putter fitting, testing every single putter on the market probably isn’t going to be possible, or even a good idea, as you’ll likely end up totally confused. So we’ve narrowed down your selection with our pick of the best putters for 2022.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect putter, make sure you read our guide to the best puttings mats to get to grips with your new club, and read Tour coach Phil Kenyon’s tips to save you six putts per round.

Best Putters 2022: MOI

The TaylorMade Spider GT putter.

TaylorMade Spider GT putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Small Slant – 21°, Single Bend – 0° Face Balanced, Centre Shaft – 0° Face Balanced | Grip: SuperStroke GT 1.0

Today’s Golfer test verdict: TaylorMade have brought the new GT to market in four colours, including plain black for traditionalists.

We’re big fans of the new lightweight aluminium top plate with its really crisp angular sharp lines, which just hasn’t been possible with previous cast and painted Spiders. It’s a fresh new look and something CNC milled putter fans will really enjoy.

We love how the model sets up at address, the stability of the fang shaped head (with its hefty 2 x 90g side weights) and how the short single sightline and subtle ball-width alignment aid makes a modern fanged putter look so unfussy and cluttered.

The Cobra King 3D Printer SuperNova putter.

Cobra King 3D Printed SuperNova putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Single Bend – 0° Face Balanced | Grip: Lamkin Sink Fit

Today’s Golfer test verdict: The Super Nova’s oversized fang and wing-shaped body has a lightweight 3D printed nylon core, which frees up weight from the putter’s heart and means the MOI forgiveness can be nudged up, which is an advantage lots of the competition will struggle to match.

There’s three different 3D printed head shapes, but our money go on the SuperNova as the fang shaping gives a really good indication of the path and the head isn’t nearly as busy as the slightly more boxy Agera model.

The Odyssey Eleven putter.

Odyssey Eleven putter


Hosel options / Toe hang: Slant Neck – 40°, Double Bend – 10°, Centre Shaft – 0° Face Balanced | Head options: Eleven, Eleven Triple Track, Eleven Tour Lined | Grip: Odyssey Oversize

Today’s Golfer test verdict: We’re big fans of straighter line putter shapes so naturally the Eleven helped us hole of putts. We love the feel of the White Hot insert and the idea of having the Triple Track alignment set-up sat behind a Triple Track Callaway ball.

The only thing we’d change if we were buying an Eleven for ourselves is the grip. The stock model doesn’t have much in the way of flats or sharp edges, which we like for promoting a positive and confident stroke.

The Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 putter.

Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Slant – Mid, Spud – Slight, Centre – Face Balanced | Grip: Lamkin Sink Fit Standard or Lamkin Sink Fit Jumbo

Today’s Golfer test verdict: The Inovai 6.0 isn’t a brand new model to the Bettinardi range. What is different though is a 5% smaller size and a new stealth black finish. It’s difficult to comprehend how much a simple colour switch (from a divisive cobalt blue) has moved the 6.0 on from a love it or hate it fringe player to boasting loads of mass market appeal.

Bettinardi putters are always beautifully made. We love the detailing of the 6.0’s head, the feel sound and roll from the CNC milled face and how the fanged head design frames the ball at address, whilst also highlighting the putter’s path and improving stability.

The Evnroll ER11 Vx putter

Evnroll ER11 Vx putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Inline Slant – Significant, Short Slant – Significant, Mid Slant – Moderate, Short Plumber – Slight, Long Plumber – Slight, Long Hosel – Slight

Today’s Golfer test verdict: This new model is built on the brilliant ER 11 V’s aluminium chassis, but by adding more sizeable stainless steel wing-shaped weights, MOI forgiveness is upped over previous models.

A new bold sightline also taps into an emerging new trend towards wider centre lines helping improve alignment consistency, and it’s a look we really like.

Each putter also comes with the choice of six hosels (so you can tailor offset and toe hang to your personal preference) and the option of the brands brilliant TourTac or Gravity Grip.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11 putter.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11 putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Mid-Single Bend – Slight, Low Single Bend – Moderate | Grip: Scotty Cameron Pistolero Plus

Today’s Golfer test verdict: It’s taken Scotty Cameron much longer to make a significant breakthrough in the MOI putter arena than it ever did with his more traditional toe and heel weighted blades and mallets.

The fanged Phantom X is the model that’s enabled the flatstick legend to make that step up, thanks in part to the success of Justin Thomas and Patrick Cantlay using the family.

The PXG Battle Ready Collection Gunboat putter.

PXG Battle Ready Collection Gunboat putter

Hosel options: Plumber’s Neck – Mid toe hang, Heel shaft – Significant toe hang, Double Bend – Face balanced, Armlock | Grip: Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol

Today’s Golfer test verdict: The PXG Gunboat’s OS head is a big chunky stability monster, which makes it a great option for golfers with even the wonkiest of strokes.

We reckon less confident players will warm to the extra bold long sightline which is great for highting alignment accuracy and drawing focus directly onto the impact position.

The two tungsten crown weights might be sizeable, but we didn’t feel they were distracting or off-putting, and don’t forget they offer a huge amount in stability performance off-centre putts.

The Wilson Infinite Buckingham putter.

Wilson Infinite Buckingham putter

Hosel options: Short Slant – Strong toe hang | Grip: Wilson Midsize

Today’s Golfer test verdict: Good value for money putters can be tough to find nowadays, but we like highlighting decent budget buys when we can. Wilson’s Infinite is a family that’s stood out for a few years now.

You don’t get a hosel choice, changeable weight set-ups or a soft face insert, but the Buckingham is still a strong modern MOI putter choice for sensible money.

The Infinite family runs to eight models, so should you find yourself wanting a more traditionally shaped blade or mallet model the brand have other decent options.

The Toulon Design Las Vegas putter.

Toulon Design Las Vegas putter

Hosel options/Toe hang: Double Bend – 0° Face Balanced, Slant Neck – 45° | Grip: Odyssey Toulon Design Pistol

Today’s Golfer test verdict: Fanged putters have been done tons of times before, but cast and painted models can never look as precise, high quality or sophisticated as the Las Vegas. This model showcases brilliantly what CNC milling brings to the party.

It’s attention to the tiniest of detail and the model’s new front weight set-up (which gives a more blade-like putter feel and launch from an MOI sized head), plus the exquisite Midnight Black finish, that elevates the Las Vegas.

The Evnroll ER11v Midlock putter.

Evnroll ER11v Midlock putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Long Slant – 7° | Grip: Evnroll Midlock XL

Today’s Golfer test verdict: Before 2021 we’d never recommended an armlock putter, primarily because every model we’d tested always felt really unnatural to use. But Evnroll’s ER11v with its 40” shaft and Midlock grip challenged our thinking as it felt so locked in and stable while hitting putts.

By resting the arched grip against the forearm and holding the putter in our usual way it was possible to focus on rocking the shoulders and stroking the ball at the hole, with zero destructive wrist breakdown.

The model was so good in fact going back to a standard 34” length putter afterwards felt a little unusual, which we’d never experienced before.

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Best Putters 2022: Mallets

The Bettinardi Queen B #11 putter.

Bettinardi Queen B #11 putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Crescent Milled Neck – 40° | Grip: Lamkin Sink Fit Standard or Straight Jumbo 

TG verdict: For year-round putting in the UK we like how the Queen B series have slightly heavier heads and a firmer feel than the rest of Bettinardi’s range.

The #11 is the perfect compact, modertae toe hang mallet, and we love the crisp sharp appearance which you only get from CNC Milling every edge and surface.

The aged copper finish is a joy not just in the hand but sat behind a white golf ball too and anyone who back in the day used beryllium copper Ping irons or putters will welcome the look of these old favourites.

The Ping 2021 Fetch putter.

Ping 2021 Fetch putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Double Bend – Face Balanced | Grip: Ping PP58 Mid 

Today’s Golfer test verdict: The Fetch has been a very good putter for a few years now. The 2021 remake has a new sightline running all the way to the ball, as well as a ball-width alignment aid.

The model could easily fall into our MOI category, but because the head is so compact, we reckon it’s a better fit among smaller body mallets. The ball-sized hole in the sole is the best ball scoop on the market, too.

The Odyssey White Hot #5 putter.

Odyssey White Hot #5 putter

RRP From £199 | VIEW OFFER
Hosel options / Toe hang: Single Bend – Face Balanced | Grip: Odyssey DFX or Odyssey Oversize

Today’s Golfer test verdict: If like us you were a fan of the original Rossie, Odyssey’s first majorly successful putter (Nick Faldo won the Masters with it in 1996) we reckon you’ll have a fond affiliation for the new OG #5.

It has a lovely mallet shape and thanks to some surface milling (the whole head is not CNC milled) you get really clear and defined edges at address.

Team that up with the firm to touch but soft under impact characteristics of the White Hot insert and a new candy apple red Stroke Lab shaft and you’ve got your hands on a top performing putter.

The Ping 2021 DS72 putter.

Ping 2021 DS72 putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Plumbers Neck – Slight | Grip: Ping PP58 Mid

Today’s Golfer test verdict: We’re fans of the models blunted head shape, so the back is parallel to the face which is perfect if your eyes struggle to deal with a curved back mallet shape. Our pro was a fan loved the DS 72’s more muted, softer sound and feel over the brand’s firmer Heppler.

It’s really hard to say the new multi-material construction and face weights add up to holing more putts, but compared to putters which didn’t have the tech 20 years ago, we know which we’d rather have in our bag.

The Bettinardi Inovai 8.0 putter.

Bettinardi Inovai 8.0 putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Slant – Mid, Spud – Slight, Armlock – Slight | Grip: Lamkin Sink Fit Standard or Lamkin Sink Fit Jumbo

Today’s Golfer test verdict: With the Inovai 8.0 being pitched in as an MOI putter, Bettinardi might argue the model shouldn’t appear within this category. But make no mistake the 8.0 has a compact mallet size.

Yes, the modern boxy and wing shaped head has been designed to raise MOI forgiveness on off centre hits, which is brilliant, but put it alongside a Cobra 3D Printed SuperNova (MOI model) and we would be comparing chalk against cheese.

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Best Putters 2022: Blades

The Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 putter.

Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Plumbers Neck – Moderate | Grip: Scotty Cameron Pistolini Plus

Today’s Golfer test verdict: Newport 2s are Cameron’s most iconic model. For us the slightly longer blade length is preferable over the standard Newport, and it comes in useful for highlighting alignment of the blade at address.

We’re also fans of the slightly squarer body shape and straighter lines over the Newport’s more flowing curves.

The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Triple Wide putter.

Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Triple Wide putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Double Bend – 0° Face Balanced | Grip: Odyssey Pistol

Today’s Golfer test verdict: “Forgiving” and “blade” are two words never uttered in the same sentence, when talking putters over the years, but Odyssey’s new Tri-Hot 5K family changes everything.

By specifically setting out with the goal of only creating a family of stable blade putters Odyssey have not got caught up with the mixed messages of combining their tech into bigger mallet and MOI style putters.

If you love blade putters but also wish they could be a bit more forgiving, Tri-Hot 5K will be right up your street.

The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Triple Wide putter.

SIK Pro C-Series Armlock putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Plumbers Neck / Strong | Grip: JMX JumboFlat 17

Today’s Golfer test verdict: If you’ve seen Bryson DeChambeau putt and thought his technique looks really awkward, you’ll understand why this putter (it’s his model) sets up how it does.

But once we’d adjusted our set-up and allowed the 41-inch shaft (standard putters are usually 34-35”) to rest securely against our forearm, stroking putts by simply rocking the shoulders seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

We fully understand that £475 is a huge for a new putter, but if you like the idea SIK give one of the best putter fits in the business.

The Bettinardi BB-8W putter.

Bettinardi BB-8W putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Plumbers Neck – Mid | Grip: Lamkin Sink Fit Standard or Lamkin Sink Fit Jumbo

Today’s Golfer test verdict: The milled BB-8W’s head is out-of-this-world good. The milling pattern on the face is aggressive and prominent, the detailing with subtle logos and nothing to distract the eye is just the sort of look decent players buy into, we also love how the sight line is a fraction off white in colour, so it doesn’t scream out from this sleek and beautiful model.

If you love the look of blade putters but ideally could do with something a little more forgiving the BB-8W has to be explored.

The PXG Battle Ready Collection Closer putter.

PXG Battle Ready Collection Closer putter

Hosel options / Toe hang: Plumbers Neck – Mid, Heel Shaft – Strong, Double Bend – 0° – Face Balanced | Grip: PXG SuperStroke Flatso or Lamkin Sink Fit Skinny

Today’s Golfer test verdict: PXG have some cracking putter models, but the Closer stands out as it challenges conventional thinking around blades. We love the wide body shape, and how PXG insist on 100% CNC milling the head.

The black cosmetics and long single sightline are the height of simplicity, what you don’t expect in a traditional blade putter though is hefty tungsten weighting which covers almost half the sole, to improve stability.

How we carried out our 2022 golf putters test

– We created an indoor test lab at Keele Golf Centre to ensure a controlled environment.

– The leading brands supplied their 2022 putters for our Test Pro Neil Wain and Equipment Editor Simon Daddow.

– We used premium TaylorMade TP5x golf balls.


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