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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 2 out of 5
  • RRP £289.99

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I have been known to struggle at times with technology –
my mobile phone is ridiculed by my TG colleagues – so I was desperately hoping the Hill Billy Terrain was going to offer great performance even for those who don’t always embrace the latest fads. I couldn’t be happier – the product was simple to set up, and the battery easy to attach. I know the new thing in golf is to make products white, but what’s the point with a trolley? Surely it’s just going to be harder to clean. The black frame of the Terrain looked good whatever the weather, and I was impressed with how sturdy the bag was too.

My only slight negative comes with the charging system – if I don’t charge the lead acid battery overnight, it struggles over heavily-sodden ground. Ultimately, this is my fault so it’s hard to criticise the product. And for the price, this is sensational.

Ratings (out of 5)

Ease of use:
Reliability: 5.0
Battery: 4.0
Functions: 3.0


Kevin Brown, HCP 17

Pros: This is my first ever powered trolley and so far the Hill Billy Terrain has proved a worthy debutant. It’s simple to put together – I managed it in seconds – and operate. I was also impressed with the trolley’s sleek and sturdy looks. The moulded handle is comfortable and the machine has plenty of oomph with its 200-watt motor. It's also easy to pack away and takes up little room.

Cons: Not a lot, but I’m not a big fan of the two Velcro straps keeping your bag in place – it's good when the material is fresh and strong but after a while and quite a lot of use I’m not so sure. The timer and distance function that enables you to send the trolley ahead via three preset options are really neat features but you need to get used to them otherwise it can create a bit of a problem on the course. The only other thing I would say on the cons side is that the power lead into the battery is close to one of the main wheels.

Conclusion: The strong, but unfussy appearance was matched by the performance but the power lead to the battery was perilously close to one of the back wheels.

Ratings (Out of 5)

Looks: 3.75
Ease of use: 4.65
Ease of access: 4.5
Functions: 3.9
Performance: 4.25
Reliability: 4


What we like: The look of the trolley isn’t terrifically exciting, but the performance certainly is something to purr over. As the name suggests, the Hill Billy performs superbly on steep gradients and you got the feeling you could load even the heaviest bag on it and still get a good performance. Obviously our longterm tester will be able to give us more feedback, but we think this is going to be a rugged product that will stand the test of time.

What we don’t like: As we alluded to earlier, it’s not the most stylish product around – the three red lights (distance function) was impossible to see in bright light too.

Ratings (out of 5)

Looks: 3.5
Ease of use: 4.8
Ease of assembly: 4.5
Functions: 4.3
Performance: 4.5


The Terrain has a compact, three way folding frame making it easy to fold and store. The strong, yet lightweight construction will cope with even the heaviest of golf bags and the powerful 200W motor means the Terrain makes light work of even the most demanding course. The pre-set timer/distance function allows you to send the trolley ahead - handy when looking for a ball. Available with a 36 hole battery giving you the option to play on extra 18 holes without having to re-fuel. Available in piano black and silver sparkle.


What’s the score?
HillBilly has been an established name in the golf industry for the last two decades and the unfussy Terrain model, which is available in black or silver, is the latest addition to the family.

What do we think?
This is a very solid trolley that will undoubtedly serve you well. If you’re looking for an all-singing, alldancing model, this isn’t it though. It wasn’t the most technologicallyadvanced models in the review but then neither is it the most pricey; and it does have some nice features. The soft touch grip allows for ambidextrous handling while the bag locking system greatly reduces bag twist when out on the course – one of our pet hates! It was simple to assemble; the “booklet” provided is no more than one bit of card, but that has adequate and clear instructions that are easy to follow. The Terrain also has the capability to be sent to the next hole, with a convenient 10m, 20m or 30m distance function

The Hill Billy Terrain Golf Trolley features a compact, three-way folding frame, making it easy to fold and store. A robust construction made from super strength materials and powerful 200w motors mean they make light work of even the most demanding course.

The pre-set distance function allows you to send the trolley ahead - handy when looking for a ball. Comes in black and for 2010 some green accents have been added to make it look more attractive.

Available in a lightweight 18-hole or upgrade to a  36-hole battery (£329).

The Terrain comes with a two-year guarantee (battery comes with a one-year guarantee) and is backed up by an unrivalled UK aftersales and service facility.

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Hill Billy Electric Trolleys User Reviews

  • 3 out of 5 A high maintenance product

    By Greentwin

    Whilst I have been pleased with the overall performance over the 5.5 years I owned it I have just had reason to check my expenditure on repairs and is well over £300.00. Latest problem is the switch which only costs £20.00 for a replacement but then the fun starts. It is ludicrously tricky to fit and Hillbilly do not provide any instructions .This was one area where they excelled before they were taken over by Powercaddy. Pity they' be lost the plot as my replacement will not be Hillbilly or Powercaddy.

  • 1 out of 5 Total waste of money

    By Angel

    After many years of owning two of the previous models three of us purchased this model. Two months in one had new gear box and clutches a second had two clutches and a motor. A few months later the third had a new bearing. Just as the guarantee run out all two are totally inoperative and the third has a faulty bearing for the second time. A waste of nearly £1,000.

  • 4 out of 5 HillbillyTerrain golf trolley.

    By Putputputter

    I have had mine over two years now, and still have the same battery, it is still performing well, it is a good solid dependable machine. easy to store, and to erect when needed, I had the original hillbilly trolley which lasted me many years, I still have it as a spare, but as yet has not been called on since my new trolley has surpassed all that has been asked of it, especially as the terrain on my home course is a demanding one, looks like it's going to last me quite some time to come, really recommended.

  • 1 out of 5 My disappointments with Hill Billy Terrain

    By Anonymous

     Had mine about 4 years and have had to replace the wheels,replace the motor,replace the electric loom and twice ad to ave new rivets fitted to the main stem. My old Hill Billy had been brilliant for over ten years with fantastic after sales service so what wet wrong???? David Green handicap 16 and golfer since 1970

  • 1 out of 5 Complete load of junk

    By Anonymous

    I bought the Hill Billy Terrain two years ago. Within 8 months I knew it was a mistake. First the rivets snapped, I had them repaired and they snapped again within three months. The three speed function was next to go, could not use it at all. Next the on/off switch went, although it was switched off, it still motored forward. Other little things followed, it would not fold up correctly, the bracket/catch snapped off. The wheels started showing terrible uneven wear and would not drive straight. Six months ago the battery gave up so rather then spend £50 replacing it the trolley has now been cast to the back of my garage. My wife has bought me the S1 Motor caddy for Christmas, lets hope that this one gives better service. 

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