Motocaddy M1 Lite Push Trolley Review

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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 3.7 out of 5
  • Pros

    Looks smart, should last well and can be folded to take up little space.

  • Cons

    Assembly process is tricky.

  • RRP £149.99

What we say...

Motocaddy broke new ground with its super-compact folding M1 Pro electric trolley. Now it has incorporated the same idea into a push version. The M1 Lite is a feature-packed, lightweight option that has been 18 months in the making. It uses the same, quick triple-fold mechanism as the electric version, and the same twin-tub frame design. The result? It’s 50 per cent smaller than existing Motocaddy push trolleys and fits snugly into the smallest of car boots. It weighs a mere 6kg and includes a newly-styled soft-grip handle, developed to make the trolley comfortable to hold and easier to push. It also boasts several handy features, including an integrated accessory station, on which you can attach up to four accessories (sold separately) to the handle, easy-run oversize wheels and an insulated food and beverage pouch.

As reviewed in our Trolley Test 2014, tested by Rob Munro-Hall (Handicap 4):
A compact, simple-to-use push trolley from one of the best-known trolley brands in the game. It delivers on compactness when folded for transporting or storage thanks to the useful feature of spring-loaded wheels that neatly push together. Even after a few attempts, the assembly process still left me a little baffled. You know you have to unlock each numbered button or catch in order but it rarely seemed to come together without a battle in the golf club car park. To be expected, it wasn’t the sturdiest when using a larger tour bag but this wasn’t helped by the narrow wheelbase. On the plus side, it seems solidly built and hard wearing.

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Motocaddy Electric Trolleys User Reviews

  • 4 out of 5 Motocaddy M1 lite

    By damien hudson

    I went ahead and bought this trolley having read these reviews and have been pleasantly surprised with it. Firstly I played safe a little by doing some homework first and finding that Motocaddy sell pre owned and ex demo options at almost half the RRP, I chose a pre owned model that I would say was in pristine condition when it came, you need to keep an eye on the website as stock must change quickly but I got one a week after first being told there were non in stock. admittedly it is very light therefore struggles to stay upright on severe slopes or very high winds but bear in mind its sold as a lightweight compact option and if you play on the flat predominately its perfect, you have to find what sort of bag suits your set up best but mine takes a tour bag no problem if needed, usually I use stand bag on it. What i find best about it is my car has a small boot and some trolleys are too big where the M1 folds up to a very small lump, I,ve got to say I,ve never had a problem assembling the thing( just follow the numbers) or any trouble with the brake securing bolt. It runs very lightly over any ground and takes no effort to do 18 holes, check out the site and give it a whirl, for the price they,re asking if your considering one its well worth a punt, looks the business too.

  • 4 out of 5 Compact and sturdy

    By Wrag Barn GC

    A compact and study trolley that fits nicely into my boot with my clubs. However putting it together and taking it down is not the easiest and took a few rounds to master. On two occassions the trolley has collapsed while playing due to the middle hinge not connecting properly. Also the top strap never seems long enough for my trolley bag and I have to go over my clubs and pull down hard to get it to fit.

  • 3 out of 5 Too unstable with a heavy bag

    By RobCH

    This is a decent trolley in many respects, it has useful features, it's light and it folds down to a very small size. However, there are various shortcomings that let it down. It has a narrow wheel-track as well as being light, and with a heavy bag it is very unstable on side slopes or in high winds, neither all that uncommon on golf courses. Second, on a muddy course the spat covering the small front wheel can get entirely clogged with mud, which slows everything down as well as looking unpleasant. Third, the brake cable should have a second locking nut; as it is, the brake can gradually loosen over a few rounds - and being applied only to the small wheel, it doesn't give great braking anyway. And fourth, I'm finding now that the main wheels are often getting stuck in their retracted positions and won't extend without some serious wrestling. So, a good try, but some work to do to make this a seriously good trolley.