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A value-formoney offering for less than £199, the Stowamatic Titanium GT might not be on your traditional trolley radar but the quality looks and sturdy feel of the machine might just get you thinking, especially in these days of economic downturn.

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The quality of the Stowamatic was, if we’re honest, a bit of a surprise. It certainly wasn’t a pre-review favourite, but we loved the spaceage colour of the frame and it was certainly sturdy and robust when we got it all assembled. The wheelbase was definitely on the wide side which added to the stability and the easy-to-use speed control was exactly that. And as its name suggests, the Stowamatic folded down neatly too once we removed the battery. And one thing we loved about the Titanium GT was that it “clicked” together when it was folded down, meaning you could pick it up from anywhere on the trolley without fear of squeezing some flesh in a tightening hinge.


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Stowamatic Electric Trolleys User Reviews

  • 1 out of 5 Cheap stowamatix gxt / Poor aftersales

    By DAVE

    Bracing bracket has broken in no time. Unable to get the parts from Stowamatic that I offered to pay for. Promised a reconditioned trolley FREE OF CHARGE but never turned up. Two weeks later I was told I wouldn't be getting a replacement even thou they knew there was a fault in the products design. AVOID BUYING STOWAMATIC PRODUCTS AND RENT A BUGGY WHICH WILL WORK OUT CHEAPER IN THE LONG RUN.

  • 1 out of 5 What a disapointment

    By Los

    Broke down twice under warranty. Had 2 new rear wheels and a new handle because the electrics stopped working. Now just out of warranty The front wheel bearings have fallen to bits and I can't get a replacement. With steel bearings on a wheel that is constantly going to be wet is just ridiculous. It might sound cheap but it wont last a season.

  • 1 out of 5 Leave well alone

    By 19Renegade62

    Further to my earlier posting. Having used the trolley for a further 5mths, unbelievably after paying £50 to have a part replaced,, at the place where the top bag support is fastened through the frame with a rivet, on the 16th at Lees Hall the frame snapped again !!!. What is it with titanium ?, thought it was supposed to be a stronger lighter metal. Am now in two minds whether to bother complaining or just to throw it in the bin. Total waste of money. Be warned.,  you have been.

  • 1 out of 5 Poor design, quality and service

    By mcgarvan

    I purchased a Stowamatic GT Titanium trolley, and wish I hadn't.  From the moment it arrived with a battery that wouldn't fit the tray and a noisy motor I have had problems.  It took a dozen emails to convince Stowamatic that the battery woudn't fit.  My bag slips around on the trolley because the bag supports are smooth plastic and it is nose heavy, requiring a lot of force to change direction.  The battery lasted just the one year and the tread of one wheel detached itself after two, requiring a new wheel, which wasn't in stock.  Four weeks later I managed to get a new wheel but now the titanium handle has broken in the top joint, just where I complained at the start I thought that there was excessive strain.   I see that 19renegade62 and exasperated have had the same problems.  There are better trolleys out there don't buy this one.

  • 2 out of 5 Design Problem !!

    By 19Renegade62

    Purchased the S T last  April. The plastic switch cover came off after a couple of rounds. During the next 6mths both pins in the axle that keep the wheels turning snapped. Replacements were sent and since then no problems.  After carrying from Oct - April, couldnt believe it when after 3mths the handle that goes into the first folding bracket snapped. I thought titanium was the better option when buying the trolley but think there could be a design fault as the handle snapped into two pieces where the rivet goes through the bar and it folds forward. That cost me £50 to have repaired as the guarantee had expired. Minus the winter carrying I had used the trolley for about 10mths. Overall I am disappointed with the product and wouldn't buy another one.

  • 3 out of 5 Poor after sales service

    By exasperated

    I bought this trolley from Sports HQ last April (2009). Within a week the plastic cover on the on/off switch had come off. After many emails to Sports HQ (they said they the cover was no longer made + not necessary) the mails came to the notice of Repow (the Manufacturers). They then sent me 3 new covers + an apology for the problems. Recently the rubber tyre on one wheel has come loose ang keeps 'migrating' inwards -only stopped when in comes up against the battery holder !! I have contacted Sports HQ and they say they will have no replacement wheels until August at earliest -not a lot of help during a busy Summer's golf !! The trolley is excellent normally but I am very concerned about the lack of available spare parts + the fact that a wheel has lasted  just 1 year !

  • 1 out of 5 Poor Quality and Service

    By EXOIL

    After 30 golfrounds in one year and 5 days, the handel broke down, and I can´t  use the trolley any more. The manufacture is not helpfull and will not  send me a new tube, he don´t have this item in stok ??? The trolley was cheap but  7 £ pr. golfround is not cheap. It looks great but the construktion is poor and the material dimention is poor too. The batteri broke down after few times , because the charger did not  stop charging. Very poor quality of the charger

  • 4 out of 5 Bargin price Electric Trolley

    By Treaders1105

    I recently brought this trolley having looked at many of the other leading brands.  The thing that impressed me the most was the price, £210 including a hand carry bag to keep your car boot clean after use.  The equivelant Powakaddy started at £400+ which is a massive difference. It is well built and comofrtably copes with my tour bag fully loaded.  It folds up and down easily which is handy as it is easy to store especially with the bag. Sports HQ who I brought the item through seem to be a good company to deal with and always responded to e-mails and questions, they didn't just take your money and run. The only negative feature is the battery as there is no option to upgrade to a 36 hole battery, you have to make do with an 18 hole.  Which seems to have loads of juice left at the end of the round. I would urge people to consider this before purchasing an electric trolley especially if like me it is your first one and you do not pay golf 4 times a week.

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