READER TEST: Ecco Cage Pro spikeless shoes


Four club golfers test the grip and comfort of Ecco’s Cage Pro spikeless shoes.

Some golf shoe manufacturers happily admit spikeless shoes are more comfortable than spiked, simply because there’s no need to accommodate a port in the sole to accept screw in spikes. But the stability and grip of spikeless has been questioned ever since they were introduced a few years ago. So we thought it was about time to ask four TG readers to decide whether Ecco’s newest Cage Pro spikeless shoes really are the real deal.

Q: What were your first impressions?

JS: I’ve never had a pair of Ecco shoes so I was really impressed by the quality of the soft and supple leather upper.  The concrete (upper) and lime green (sole) colour combo surprised me but it looks really smart. The sole design has to improve grip.   
MS: I’ve had Ecco street shoes for a while so I knew what to expect in terms of quality, they’ve got a great reputation for being high end. They are an impressive, stylish shoe.
MH: The colour didn’t grab me initially so I wouldn’t have picked them off the shelf, but once on the grip was really good. 
TH: Initially I wasn’t sure on the colour, but they’ve really grown on me. Plus they do a choice on colours. They’re an improvement over Ecco shoes I’ve had before.

Q: The one-piece heel cage and sole is designed to improve stability during the swing; did you feel any difference?

JS: The Cage definitely felt a bit more solid around the heel. I’m not sure it improves stability, for me it more controls torsion and flex from heel to toe, I think it’s probably heavily dependent on getting a good fit.
MS: They felt really stable, but the top of the Cage rubbed my heel on the first round. I prefer spikeless shoes so appreciate any help a design gives to stability.
MH: I can’t say I felt any stability difference compared to other good quality golf shoes.
TH: I suffer with fallen arches in my feet so I felt the Pro’s shaping and Cage design helped with stability more so than some shoes I’ve worn before.

Q: How was grip with the “spyder” sole?

JS: Generally I wear spiked shoes, especially in the wet. But I reckon the Cage Pro offered comparable grip. Impressive. 
MS: The innovative design compared favourably with any shoes I’ve worn. I’ve got FootJoy (spiked), adidas (spikeless) and another pair of Ecco (spikeless) and this design was equal to or better than them all. 
MH: I’ve not really tried spikeless golf shoes before so I really impressed, I thought the Cage Pros were just like wearing spiked shoes, which is a big thumbs up to the sole.  
TH: I played in the rain and had no issues with slipping, they kept my feet dry too.

Q: How comfortable are they?

JS: Initially I thought they felt quite stiff but I really like being able to remove the inner sole to gain half a size, this worked for me. After the initial round they’ve got more and more comfortable. 
MS: Out of the box they were a bit stiff.   
MH: Like John I reckon they’re getting more comfortable the more I wear them.
TH: The Cage Pros are much like or better than all other spikeless models I’ve worn.

Q: Does a £160 a pair represent reasonable value for money?

JS: I normally pay up to about £100. The proof will be how long they last. If they see me through two or three seasons as good as new they’ll represent decent value.
MS: Honestly, I probably wouldn’t spend £160 one pair as I tend to wait for our pro shop to clear shoes.
MH: I’d say it’s a fair price. They give me the impression of being good quality and should last. So long as they do I’m happy.
TH: Tough question but I would pay it as they’re an improvement over Ecco shoes
I’ve had before.

The Product: Ecco Cage Pro £160

Ecco Cage Pro shoes