Reader Test: Cobra One Length irons


What four golfers made of Cobra’s latest irons, including One Length options 

Bryson DeChambeau caused a massive stir in the equipment world last year when he burst onto the scene with a set of same-length irons. Cobra quickly signed him up to a major endorsement deal, promising to make their 2017 irons available as both standard and one-length options.

Cobra reckons a set of One Length irons – each is the same length as a 7-iron – can improve accuracy and strike consistency. Will four TG readers agree? They tested them alongside Cobra’s normal-length options, the King F7 and the Forged Tour. 

The Readers: 

Dean Wood: Handicap 24 

John Gavaghan: Handicap17 

David Benson: Handicap 21

Ross McCarthy: Handicap +1 

What do you make of the Cobra One Length concept?

DB: On paper it sounds good. It should make it really simple for golfers to set up consistently.

JG: It’s clever. I completely understand how it could increase consistency and accuracy, particularly for golfers of my handicap range.

Cobra King F7 Irons

DW: I’m really interested. Anything that helps golfers hit better shots will be a hit in my book.

RM: It’s certainly different. I’d need to see some serious bene ts to warrant making the switch.

How does it feel standing over a pitching wedge the same length as a 7-iron?

DB: I was pleasantly surprised. I would have no difficulty putting the shorter irons into play. I added a few yards, too. 

JG: For full shots I didn’t have an issue. I do like standing closer to the ball for shorter shots and pitching, though, and the longer shaft didn’t feel as natural for these.

DW: I didn’t notice a huge amount of difference, which was completely unexpected. RM: I needed to adjust my stance so it would take some time to get used to.

And what about using a 5-iron the same length as your 7-iron?

DB: I prefer the standard length King F7. Being reasonably tall, I felt like I was squatting down over the 5-iron, and struggled to launch it quite as well as the standard-length club.

JG: I’m not that con dent hitting a 5-iron from the deck so the shorter shaft meant I felt like
I got closer to the ball, a good feeling. The data showed I lost a couple of yards.

DW: I’d agree for plenty of golfers it would boost con dence, but the results didn’t quite match my enthusiasm.

RM: It’s just weird. It’s not for me.

Would you go F7’s (game improvement) or Forged Tour (better player)?

DB: Off 21, I’d be looking at the F7 for sure.

JG: The Forged Tour look fantastic, but for me it would be F7 all day long. I like how Cobra have designed each iron as an individual club, so there’s extra playability in the long and mid irons and really good looking short irons.

Cobra Forged Tour iron

DW: I’d want the F7’s extra forgiveness.

It would be the Forged Tour. I like the straight top edges, reasonably narrow soles and they feel forgiving too.

Should other golfers try One Length?

DB: Yes, and see how they perform on a launch monitor. I’d still use a standard-length set though.

I liked the standard-length F7s; I guess we’re comfortable using what we’re used to. Other golfers wouldn’t be wasting their time trying a set of One Length, though.

New ideas are always worth a try, but the standard length F7s would be my choice. A launch monitor tting is the way forward.

There’s just so many adjustments to make for me to play One Length, I’m just not sure I’d see enough benefits to make it worth my while. 


Cobra King Forged Tour & One Length: RRP from £649 (s) 

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Cobra King F7 & One Length: RRP: King F7 £549 (s), £649 (g)

Watch our video reviews of the Cobra King F7 and One Length irons