Progen Chromo




The Hybrids Test 2014: Progen Chromo

Cost: £99

Tech: A high purity hyper steel face increases distance while an angular sole design creates strength and solidity at impact for accuracy.

What we said… James Ridyard: “Looks a little toed in and upright, which will suit a slicer. Inconsistent feedback, not sure whether I hit them well or not.” Joel Tadman: “I like the shape and the crown design is really slick. But it felt a touch dead and bad strikes lost significant yardage.” Peter Ward: “It felt light, I don’t like the texture of the grip but the head looks good, loads of grooves to help alignment. Stable flight on mishits.” Ross Nichols: “Love the head shape and could barely miss with it, felt hot off the face, hit some of my longest shots.”

Pros: Modern design, popular shape.

Cons: Little to determine good or bad strikes.

The numbers: Distance consistency: 9 Dispersion: 9 Looks: 7 Feel: 7.5 Forgiveness: 7 Versatility: 7.5

TG Rating: 7.5/10

Details: Lofts: 19°, 22° Contact:

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