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The PXG 0211 Z driver, fairway wood, hybrid and irons are all designed to help beginners and lower skilled golfers have more fun on the golf course.

For the first time in more than a decade new golfers are flooding into the game, and for equipment brands every single one represents a new opportunity. Where first-time golfers traditionally start out with a box set or hand me down clubs, a new market has sprung up for equipment specifically optimised for lower skilled players.

Premium equipment brand PXG have latched onto the idea early, as realising PXG have their back could lead to a lifetime of PXG golf club sales from any new player. So to satisfy the appetite of this new market PXG have created a brand new 10-piece 0211 Z family with every detail tailored to help new golfers have more fun the moment they set foot on the golf course.


Golf’s a tough game when you’re starting out, and it can be pretty confusing too. So PXG have simplified everything about the 0211 Z, so not only can they be bought without a fitting session (even though PXG will happily custom fit them for you), they also run sequentially from driver (1), to fairway wood (4) and hybrid (5), along with six hybrid style hollow body irons (6-PW and SW) plus an 0211 putter, so there’s no confusion around conflicting fairway, hybrid and iron numbers.

The range can be bought either as a 10-club set (which includes a lightweight stand bag and putter for £1,599), a wood set (driver, fairway and hybrid for £749) or a six-piece iron set (for £749). Here’s what you need to know about the family.   

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What you need to know about the 0211 Z driver

The 0211 Z driver has an extremely large titanium body. So big in fact PXG say the low profile, carbon crown design, which has dropped toe and heel sections to boost forgiveness, very nearly exceeds the maximum allowable 5900g/cm2 limit (the Z has an MOI a full 9% higher than the first 0211 driver launched early in 2021).

A flatter, less steeply sloped crown means the Z has a low and deep centre of gravity, which promotes higher launching shots that spin more, so golfers get the forgiveness of a super high MOI driver. A tall face height also maximises hitting area and promotes confidence when the driver is sat behind the ball.


The Z’s loft is 16deg (so expect more backspin), there’s a more upright lie angle (to promote a draw) and you get a shorter shaft (44” – which is 1” shorter than the brands standard 0211 driver) to breed confidence and improve efficiency, as golfers will hit the middle of the face more often.

Inside two TPE inserts are efficient at dampening vibration without the need for structural ribs, yet while PXG say the sound is a little different to their other drivers, they reckon louder is good at slower speeds, which is typically the type of player the Z will end up serving. 

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Details: PXG 0211 Z driver

Loft: 16°

Stock shaft: Project X Cypher graphite

Adjustable hosel: Yes (with +/- 1.5° loft and lie adjustment)

Lie angle: 61.5° (the original 0211 driver is 60°)

Sole weight: 10g stock (can be changed to 2.5g, 5g, 7.5g, 12.5g, 15g, 17.5g, 20g)

What you need to know about the 0211 fairway wood and hybrid

Like the 0211 Z driver, the fairways and hybrids have low profile heads and a carbon fibre crown to deliver super easy launch from the fairway. A large-squashed profile creates a low and deep centre of gravity so shots are hit higher with more spin, and a squarer face shape gives more hitting area, helping protect ball speed on off-centre hits.

Unlike any other box set you’ll buy both the fairways and hybrids have adjustable hosels and there’s an interchangeable sole weight to allow for accurate fitting should you want it. PXG say both the Z fairway and hybrid, thanks to the new profile and stepped crown, have much deeper centre of gravities than the 0211 originals.        


Details: PXG 0211 Z fairway wood

Loft: 18°

Stock shaft: Project X Cypher graphite

Adjustable hosel: Yes (with +/- 1.5° loft and lie adjustment)

Lie angle: 60° (the original 0211 fairway wood is 60°)

Sole weight: 10g stock (can be changed to 2.5g, 5g, 7.5g, 12.5g, 15g, 17.5g, 20g)

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Details: PXG 0211 Z hybrid

Loft: 25°

Stock shaft: Project X Cypher graphite

Adjustable hosel: Yes with +/- 1.5° loft and lie adjustment

Lie angle: 59.5° (the original 0211 hybrid is 60°)

Sole weight: 10g stock (can be changed to 2.5g, 5g, 7.5g, 12.5g, 15g, 17.5g, 20g)


What you need to know about the 0211 Z irons       

Optimising equipment for beginners and high handicap golfers means putting emphasis on the advantages that extra MOI and forgiveness bring to the party without worrying unduly about looks. The low profile 0211 Z hybrid irons have hollow unfilled heads (the first PXG iron model to not be filled) and a centre of gravity that’s deeper than the brands previous super game improving SGI iron model.


PXG say the wide sole and body, which is cleverly camouflaged with a black PVD back (which wears better than painted alternatives), thanks to significant hosel offset is designed to be easy to launch at lower speeds. Golfers who generate higher speeds will likely see backspin rise and shots not going as far as they might expect. A clever groove which wraps around the head separates the face from the back which puts emphasis on the face size and shape and gives a really pleasing and confidence inspiring look at address.

PXG prefer to fit the 0211 Z to physical attributes rather than an undeveloped swing, which is a really good point for golfers who are just starting out on their golfing journey.

Details: PXG 0211 iron

Availability: 6 – W, S

Stock shaft: Project X Cypher graphite

7-iron loft: 31°

Forgiveness category: 5 – Hybrid Iron (High-Handicap Iron category)


PXG Founder & CEO Bob Parsons on the 0211 Z family

We know what beginner and occasional golfers are up against, so, we decided to develop a revolutionary product that aligns with their ability. Our testing has shown that these clubs are so good that beginners start enjoying the game with a full bag after just one lesson from their local pro.

Verdict: PXG 0211 Z driver, fairway wood and iron

Knowing where to start with equipment when you’re just getting into golf can be really tough. There’s just so many different clubs and options to consider, hence why so many beginners set out with hand-me-downs and box sets. We applaud the simple approach PXG have taken with the 0211 Z, having everything you need to get you going within a single numerically ordered set, so you don’t need to worry about whether you need two fairways or hybrids (or how many wedges you should be carrying), is a really strong idea for the target market.

Where the Z scores points against the competition is on attractiveness and desirability. Beginner golf equipment never used to look this good. Yes the irons are a hybrid style, which means they have big wide bodies and a low profile, but the black back really helps disguise just how wide the Z really is.


Where most brands like putting their longest shafts in the ranges produced for beginners (so shots travel the furthest), we like how PXG have cleverly opted to go shorter. The boost a shorter shaft gives when you’re new to the game and standing closer to the ball (many beginners hate standing to far from the ball with a driver) adds confidence and realistically raises the chances of impacting shots closer to the centre of the face more often.

Like all beginner sets, if you stick with the game there will come a time when you’ll out grow the Z, but for many new golfers that’s likely to be a long way off. Just remember PXG say themselves the Z are a better option for average to slower speed players, so if you’re big, strong and fit and swing a golf club as fast as hell, then the Z aren’t going to be the right set-up for you, but then no beginner set will be.

All in if you’re looking for a simple, easy route into the game the 0211 Z as a whole bag option definitely deliver. 

Got a question about the PXG 0211 Z family? Ask us on Twitter.

Specs: PXG 0211


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Review written by: Simon Daddow

Simon Daddow is Today's Golfer equipment editor.

About the author:

Simon Daddow is the Equipment Editor at TodaysGolfer.co.uk

Simon has worked in the golf industry for 30 years. Starting out as trainee professional at Downes Crediton GC where he learned the art of golf club making, before going onto work for Clubhaus Plc and Tony Charles Ltd as a golf club maker, and running Product Development at Benross Golf.

Joining EMAP Active (now Bauer Media) in 2006 as Equipment Editor, Simon has worked for Today’s Golfer and Golf World magazines and the Today’s Golfer website.

Simon is 46 years old, he’s played golf for 40 years and plays to a handicap of 10.

A lack of club speed means he’s short off the tee, but very handy from 125 yards and in.

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