Cobra S3 Driver Review

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  • TG Rating 3.5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 5 out of 5
  • RRP £249.00

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Tested: March 2011

Test Team:

Chris Ryan (Pro)

Jon Greathead (HCP 8)

Bryan Slater (HCP 12)

Darren Slater (HCP 16)


This driver certainly ticked the box in the looks department, but the guys struggled to get the same level of distance as some others on Test.

In fact, it was a distinct lack of distance that let this driver down, because it scored well in other categories, especially when it came to consistency.

Chris and Jon both liked the feel of it, while Bryan felt it was good for forgiveness.

As always, if you like the look of it, get yourself properly fitted for the best results.


Looks: 4

Feel: 3.8

Sound: 3.6

Forgiveness: 2.9

Distance: 2

Consistency: 5

Overall: 3.5 stars

Cobra’s new driver range for this year is packed full of technology, including the new E9 face technology, which replaces the previous 9-Point Technology. The new innovation means the sweetspot is 30 per cent bigger. Engineers looked at where golfers hit the ball off the face. The results showed that mis-hits were either low on the heel or high on the toe so these are the more forgiving areas
of the club. There is also an offset version of the driver in the form of the S3 Max – so if you’re struggling with the slice, get involved!

◗ or 01372 364 933

Product Information

Left Handed available
Custom-Fit availableNo
Grip Type
Head Size460cc
ShaftsFujikura Blur

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  • 5 out of 5 Brilliant is the S3

    By Anonymous

    Just bought the s3 driver a week ago, using the flightscopes, against trying other drivers, being nike machspeeds, ping k15 and g20 and TM burner 2, and the s3 won hands down, being the most accurate, consistent grouping and furthest of the 3 (contrary to TG verdict) maybe due to my swingspeed being measured 117mph I purchased with the stiff fujikura blur shaft, 10.5 degree, and my driving is so straight! (used to be culprit of uncontrolled slice) currently played on course 2 times with it and along at the range and h/cap has shot down from 24 to 18 due to my drives keeping in play using the neutral setting, have used it at closed face on the range and get a lovely draw (but not being used to this have held back on course for moment, so may take this to course next time)   Deffo recommend as a purchase (im even looking at the fairways too now)