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It should come as no surprise that the Cobra SZ440 scored highly with the FlightScope. After all, the ultra-forgiving super hot face of its predecessor, the SS430, has been such a word-of-mouth success with golfers across the country that it is though to have been 2003’s biggest-selling driver. Like the SS430, the SZ440 feels comfortable at address (albeit a little shut), light to swing and very easy to use. Even if you’re used to producing only daisy-cutting runners, after five minutes you’ll be hitting drives higher and longer than you thought possible.

Of course, not everyone wants this kind of ballooning ball-fight. Despite the impressive yardages achieved, our pro struggled to prevent his Cobra drives from drifting alarmingly to the right and the suspicion remains that while it’s the sort of club that offers everyday golfers plenty of help, better players will prefer a driver with more control.

There’s also that impact noise; some golfers genuinely loathe the loud crack, though it should be pointed out that it’s not quite as bad in the open air as in the enclosed space of the driving range.

Verdict: Understandably, one of the most popular golf clubs available today, although its high, looping ball-flight is better suited to mid-handicappers and above than very good golfers.

The Cobra SV440 Driver is one of the most popular golf clubs around and helps achieve maximum height potential when striking the ball.

Contact: 01480 301114

Head Sizes: 435cc and 400cc
Shaft Length: 45in
Shaft Options: Graphite Design YS-5.1, stiff and regular

Loft Options: 7.5, 9 and 10.5 degrees

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