Snake Eyes Viper XT Ti Driver Review

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  • TG Rating 3.5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 4 out of 5
  • RRP £189.00

What we say...

Both Leon and pro Chris thought this looked very big from back to front and Leon in particular was wary about that. However, he needn’t have been because he was taken with the performance of the club and this really surprised him. He got good distance and dispersion and was pleased with the feel and forgiveness of the club. Chris said the deep head helped to get the ball airborne and that really inspired confidence for higher handicappers. He didn’t find it as forgiving on off-centre hits though. John thought it went very high while David was impressed across the board by the performance, particularly in forgiveness terms.

Ratings (out of 5)

Looks: 3.6   Feel: 3.3   Noise: 3.3   Forgiveness: 3.3   Distance: 4.4   Dispersion: 3.8

The Snake Eyes XT Ti Driver has a stylish design offering a whole list of technical benefits, making it a leader in performance.

Its bullet shape and contoured crown enables a deep centre cavity which results in a higher moment of inertia than traditional shaped drivers. This means the clubhead should remain stable through impact, getting good distance and forgiveness even on shots that are not hit out of the sweetspot.

The HRT face (Hyper Rib Technology), which is also CNC milled, gives consistent fast ball speeds at impact across its entire hitting surface, resulting in maximum distance. 

A quality driver at a reasonable price.

Lofts: 9.5°, 10.5°, 11°, 14° Titanium head, graphite shaft, gents, LH, RH.

Contact: or 01480 308 800

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Snake Eyes Drivers User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Prize from Today's Golfer II

    By the Scot

    This is a follow on review to add to my previous one. Maybe I was a little unkind to this driver when I said it wasn't the longest of drivers.  Since then I have used it regularly on the course and have found that I have hit my longest drive on most holes with this driver.  Maybe it is just a case of needing to get used to it. I also lent it to a low handicap golfer who I was trying to persuade to change his 5 year-old 400cc driver for something a little fresher (he has been having a few problems recently with hooks).  He couldn't hit a bad shot with it and a couple went further than I have seen him hit before (even with the wrong shaft and loft - or so he says). The damage to the crown was pretty easy to fix using Scratch X 2.0 (intended for cars but wow does it do the job) and even better, after trying to get my Pro to locate a headcover, I contacted SnakeEyes direct, told them the story and they sent me one for free.  Now that is what I call service! For all of the above reasons I have reconsidered my overall rating and now give this driver full mark!

  • 4 out of 5 Prize from Today's Golfer

    By the Scot

    I won this as a prize for leaving reviews on this site, so it is appropriate that I should review it.   The Snake Eyes Viper XTi driver (10.5 regular) has a visually large head at address (even for a 460cc driver) which in turn makes the shaft look quite short and gives you the feeling that you just can't miss the ball.  There is no alignment mark on the head but this didn't seem to matter, and two indentations running half the length of  the head don't distract .  The sole of the driver is uncluttered with clean lines and has an adjustable weight plate to allow for some customisation if desired (the plate can be replaced with other plates but these do not come with the club).  The shaft too looks good, quite wide at the grip end (as seems to be the fashion these days), and is said to be pured before fitting, which should add to the clubs consistency.  The texture of the grip is a little unusual and feels a little rough on the bare hand, though it does the job and does allow you to grip lightly and maintain control.   So, bring on the balls!  At the range I found it easy to like.  The sound was good, not earsplitting nor dull.  It sounded as I have grown to expect an oversized head to sound.  Even with hard range balls it felt good and sent the ball on a medium trajectory and pretty straight (no sign of the dreaded slice or duck hooks I can get with my previous driver).  However, and here I come to the only slight negative, even when I hit it perfectly, it didn't go as far as the previous driver did with the same swing.  This being said I did find that I could go for it more without the risk of wayward shots, so was able to get the distance back in that way.  Once I'm used to it I'm sure I will be as long but far more consistant than before.   On to the headcover.  I have heard some very bad things about this headcover.  "Should come with a crowbar to get it on and off", "impossible to put back on without making unfortunate noises", etc.  However, as I was sent this by Today's Golfer, who had already used it, I guess that they couldn't be bothered with the cover or never had one in the first place.  This was evident from the scratches on the crown.  There was also a pretty bad sky mark on the club.  Now I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but guys ... really, if you know you are going to pass these clubs on as prizes then couldn't you treat them with a little more respect when testing them.  If you borrowed a mates driver and gave it back in this state, he wouldn't be too well pleased.  I have drivers that I have had for several seasons that look better than this.  So thanks for the club just wish there hadn't been that tinge of disappointment on closer inspection of the crown, and the feeling that I will have to explain to my mates that the sky mark was there when I got it and wasn't done by me, but to no effect.   Conclusion: not a name I would have looked at if choosing a new driver but am very glad to have been pointed towards it.  A very forgiving, easy to use driver that inspires confidence and looks good.  Not the most exciting of clubs but it certainly does what it should and does it well.  If you struggle with consistency, then you won't go far wrong by giving this club a go.  If you are looking for more distance, then maybe look elsewhere.

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