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What we say...

Wilson have named the Cortex Driver as the winner of Driver vs Driver 2. Here's a closer look at the tech behind the latest model... 

The 'Cortex' was designed by show contestant Evan Hoffman, who beat out the competiton during the second edition of 'Driver vs Driver' to have his design brought to life and win a prize of $250,000. 

Headlined by what Wilson have called Fast Cage Technology, Hoffman worked with Wilson engineers to come up with the 'Cortex' - which is the brand's most adjustable driver to date. 

To evolve his original driver concept, Evan collaborated with Wilson LABS - the innovation hub at Wilson Golf - engineers to perfect the design over an intense 18-month process. His design was selected over hundreds of submissions sent into the seven-part show on Golf Channel.

“This entire experience has been so surreal,” said Evan. “I never thought I’d get to turn my passion for sports and design into a career. I want to give a big thank you to the Wilson design team. It’s been amazing to work with them, as they’ve taken every critique, comment and praise on board and refined my original design into what I believe is the ideal driver, which I’d love to have in my bag and I know others will as well,” he added.

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The Wilson ‘Cortex’ driver has of a weight-tuned titanium internal structure, with 44% of its surface area covered in Carbon Fibre Panels. What is the benefit of that? The Ti-Carbon construction allows for extremely precise distribution of weight and frees up additional weight for maximum adjustability.

Wilson Staff Cortex driver

That maximum adjustability is achieved by Wilson’s longest ever sliding adjustable weight track and two interchangeable heel and toe weights (2g and 8g) to provide golfers premium performance, precise weight distribution and adjustability. 

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It also features Wilson Golf’s patented Fast Fit Technology hosel system, offering golfers six adjustable options to fine tune the loft of the driver in half-degree increments. 

“Season Two of the show produced two amazing finalists; the Cortex and the Rozwell,” said Tim Clarke, President of Wilson Golf.

“Ultimately, the Cortex came out on top with its clean, classic shape, overall consistent performance results from a wide range of player testers and steady sound across the entire face of the club. We are excited to get this driver into the hands of players at all levels of the game,” he added.

The Wilson Staff Cortex will be available from select retailers this month at an RRP of £399 (€449).

We say:

All three testers felt it gave the sensation of being quite heavy and difficult to control. It’s made from quality components and built in line with similar engineering principles (a sliding weight and movable weights, with a strengthened body to reduce vibration and improve sound) as a lot of the current crop of drivers. It also looks and sounds good.

It’s just hard to disguise our test pro posting a ball speed 2mph below his test average and a carry distance just two yards further than his shortest.

TG Verdict:

We applaud Wilson for offering amateurs the chance to design something new, but the rules governing driver shapes are so ambiguous (heads have to be plain in shape), rules bodies can stamp on anything which challenges the norm. It’s no surprise the two drivers designed by the show have had very normal head shapes.

£400 is a lot of cash, and this year in particular there are better options out there.

The Tech Behind Wilson's Cortex Driver

1. Fast Cage:
Over 44% of the head has been replaced with lightweight carbon fiber, leaving a rigid titanium skeleton that provides structural stability and precise weight distribution for ultimate in adjustability.

2. Intellegent Core:
At the heart of this groundbreaking Wilson Staff Cortex Driver is Fast Cage Technology. Over 44% of the body has been replaced with lightweight carbon fiber, leaving a rigid titanium skeleton that provides structural stability and precise weight distribution for ultimate customized adjustability. Fast Cage puts the weight where you want it, maximizing distance and spin for all swings.

Wilson Staff Cortex driver

3. High Setting:
Slide the weight all the way towards the rear of the driver for higher ball flights and steeper descent angles.

How does the Cortex compare to other leading drivers?

4. Spin Control
Wilson's longest-ever slide track provides a wide range of spin options. Moving the 8g weight toward the face adjusts the center of gravity for a low launching ball flight with maximum fairway rollout. Sliding the weight towards the rear of the driver creates higher ball flights and maximizes carry.

5. Direction Control
The Cortex Driver comes standard with the 8g weight near the toe and the 2g weight near the heel. This provides a neutral distribution of weight. To obtain a draw setting, the 8g weight can easily be moved to the heel and the 2g to be inserted near the toe.

Wilson Staff Cortex driver

6. Trajectory Control
For ultimate trajectory, the ‘Cortex’ features Wilson Golf’s patented Fast Fit Technology hosel system. The system offers golfer six adjustable options to fine tune the loft of the driver in half-degree increments. The hosel is also backwards compatible, making Cortex adaptable for use with shafts from previous Wilson drivers.

7. Shafts
The ‘Cortex’ comes equipped with premium Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec shafts. Available in three profiles (red for highest launch, blue for middle, and black for lowest), the ATMOS Tour Spec provides fitters a versatile set of options for golfers of all ability levels.

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