Callaway Diablo Edge Fairway Wood Review

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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 5 out of 5
  • RRP £169.00

What we say...

This lost out a little in the looks stakes but excelled everywhere else, which is where it really counts. Pro James said this had proven itself to be a fantastic golf club and would be a good buy for any level of golfer. He insisted golfers should forget the looks and concentrate on performance, which is where the Diablo Edge comes into its own.

Roger said the Diablo Edge was one of the most forgiving clubs on test. And not only that, it was his longest as well. David was equally complimentary, giving it top marks off the tee, fairway and in the forgiveness stakes as well as commenting on the powerful ball flight he achieved.

Stuart said he couldn’t argue with the results but felt it was too light off the face and he wasn’t a fan of the feel at impact. Nevertheless, our team rated it highly and gave it the thumbs-up.

Looks: 3.6 Tee: 4.4 Fairway: 4.5 Forgiveness: 4.6
Distance: 4.5 Dispersion: 4.4


“Hang on,” we hear you say. “How can a fairway wood costing nearly £170 win your gold value award?” Well, our mission wasn’t to find the cheapest clubs around but instead to find those that represented best value.

To a man our testers fell in love with this. They insisted they’d have no problem shelling out the cash for something that performs this well and that’s why the Diablo Edge adorns the top of our leaderboard. Callaway have danced with the devil and produced a real cracker!

George Sadowski (8hcp): This is obviously more expensive than the others and maybe it’s the Callaway name but I think you can tell. This is an excellent club and if you have the money it is worth spending here.

Ian Davies (15hcp): Even though this is more expensive I definitely think it is worth getting the money out for. This is everything you look for in a fairway wood and I felt I couldn’t miss with it.

David Connor (10hcp): Like the driver, this club has been vastly improved from the previous version. The ball just seems to keep climbing even when you think it’ll start dropping. Really powerful!

James Frow (Belfry Pro): Absolutely love it! A nice big head and a powerful face which inspires confidence. I know it is pricey but you can pick them up for less than this so I think it is great value for what you get.

TG Value test ratings

Distance: 4.8
Dispersion: 4.5
Feel: 4.5
Forgiveness: 4.6
Looks: 4.1
Value: 4.3
Overall: 4.5

The Callaway Diablo Edge Fairway Wood is the longest and straightest steel fairway wood Callaway has ever made. The Diablo Edge woods have seen distance gains of between 10-12 yards, compared against the Big Bertha Diablo '09 range and average ball speed increases of over 3mph.

The new lower profiled Diablo Edge range gives all golfers the opportunity of hitting the ball longer, straighter and easier, more often.

With bold styling and a classic steel impact sound, this wood has a much larger head and increased discretionary weighting has helped create the highest moment of inertia and deepest centre of gravity ever in a Callaway Fairway WoodLofts available: 15°, 17°, 19°, 21°, 24°


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Callaway Fairway Woods User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 compact driver ?

    By Anonymous

     Until six months ago I carried no drivers and no fairway woods jusy my trusty callaway X-14 one iron,  straight and safe I thought .     Then one of my friends gave me a go of his " Callaway big bertha fairway wood " which turned out to be a revelation. I loved that club with it's white top line and easy to hit attitude . . . . I had to get me one of thoes ! Unfortunately e-bay was out of stock so after consulting " Todays golfers " reviews section I settled on a 15 degrees Diablo edge as a stop gap. The first thing I noticed was the appreciable weight in the head which; not being used to hitting " modern fairway woods" ;   helped me immensely in delivering the face squarely onto the ball. I did find myself setting the face up slightly closed due to the lack of any obvious alignment aid but that soon gave way to arrow straight shots as you get used to it.  Everthing above is bonus when you discover what this thing can do off a tee.  I was lucky to hit 200 yards off an elevated tee, wind assisted with my one iron. . . . . . . . . . .  The  "Diablo edge" will carry 200 nearly every time, maybe not that much roll out ( 20 to thirty yards),  and that is off nearly any part of the clubface you want. I cannot praise this club ( and its five wood sister ) enough.  It has taken me from 27 handicap to seventeen since Christmas.  I have gathered so much pleasure and confidence from this club alone that I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone who lacks distance off the tee or cannot get to grips with their driver.