Cobra F-Max Fairway Wood Review

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What we say...

Cobra’s F-MAX Fairway Wood is their lightest, most forgiving fairway engineered specifically for golfers with moderate swing speeds. A shallower profile at address promotes higher launch while an offset hosel creates added draw bias for longer, straighter ball flights.

Cobra F-Max Fairway: You need to know

Cobra’s lightest and most forgiving fairway, it’s been specifically designed to perform at moderate swing speeds. A shallow profile and offset hosel promote easy up distance, and there’s plenty of draw bias thanks to heel weighting which will help keep a slice in check. Larger midsize grips are particularly well suited to golfers of a certain age.      

Cobra F-Max Fairway: We say

Cobra’s F-Max range is all about lightweight, offset and draw biased performance. Cobra might not want to say it, but the F-Max is very well suited to slow – average swing speed senior golfers who need maximum help to get shots up in the air and keep them there. None of our testers are the F-Max’s intended audience but Simon’s average swing speed had absolutely no problems launching the fairway higher, with more backspin than the other fairways on test.

That means it wasn’t at the races when it comes to dishing out awards for longest or fastest shot averages, but we do applaud Cobra because the Max does everything they promised it would.   

Cobra F-Max Fairway: Verdict

The average age of golfers is creeping up year on year, so it makes sense we have clubs to help keep us all enjoying the game. Cobra aren’t the first brand to target senior golfers with a specific range, as Callaway do it to in the USA. In our book F-Max is a great option if your games at the crest of a slippery slope and slowly slipping towards lower club speeds and less distance.  

Product Information

  • Lofts: #3 - 16° / #5 - 20° / #7 - 23°
  • Stock shaft: Cobra Super Lite 60
  • Adjustable hosel: No 


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