Mizuno MX-700 Fairway Wood Review

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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 5 out of 5
  • RRP £119.00

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The MX-700 fairway wood is very similar in looks to the driver – it’s sleek, classy and inviting to hit.

This is the first time Mizuno’s ‘hot-face’ technology has featured in one of their fairway woods and the thin, lightweight face helps to achieve increased ball speed off the clubface.

We think it’s got quite a shallow face and certainly sits very flat on the deck – great for shots off the fairway. However, we struggled a little when we used it out of the light rough. That said, there is an impressive hybrid in the range!

These fairway woods are available in various lofts (15°, 18° and 21°) and cost £119.

The MX-700 fairway is also a great option off the tee – it certainly worked a treat in testing and will appeal to golfers who get a little tired of spraying the ‘big stick’ all over the course!

2009 Review

With the Mizuno MX-700 driver and rescue club already bagging a gold award and a ‘Best on Test’ award respectively earlier this year, the fairway wood in the family couldn’t have gone home with its head held high unless it followed suit.

In truth, that never really looked in any doubt after it scored the highest marks of all the clubs on test in terms of looks.

Pro Chris liked the way it sat square at address although he felt the head was slightly on the large side. Kit and George, however, described it as the perfect shape and size to inspire confidence while Chris N liked the simple design.

The Hot Metal Steel face is the same one that produced terrific results in the driver and hybrid tests, with the ultra-thin face pushing legal boundaries and producing a powerful, high launch.

After hitting it off the deck and out of the rough, Chris N immediately asked how much he needed to hand over to walk away with it that day. He said it cut through the rough like a knife through butter and felt just as good, if not better, than it did from the fairway. Pro Chris felt it was the only club that performed similarly from all lies. He was impressed that the larger head he’d had qualms about got the ball airborne off the fairway.

Available for less than £120 – in fact the whole MX-700 range is very competitively priced – it, like the G15, was unlucky to be beaten to the ‘Best on Test’ gong by a superlative club…

Back View
A gold award was almost inevitable after the MX-700 swept the board in terms of looks.

At Address
Pro Chris felt the head was a little on the large size – but admitted it got the job done well.

Toe View
An ultra-thin face produces a high, soaring launch angle.

The Mizuno MX-700 fairway wood is as useful off the tee as it is from the deck.

The MX-700 brings Hot Metal performance to the fairway with a new ES230 steel face.An extreme light-weight plasma welded ES230 steel face increases COR for higher ball speeds, maximum energy transfer and increased strike range from the fairway.Weight saved from the ES230 steel face also allows an increased crown width – optimising the COR effect and encouraging use from the tee as a genuine driver.

Steel head, graphite shaft, ladies, gents, RH, LH. Lofts: RH 15, 18, 21; LH 15, 18.

Lofts: 15°, 18°, 21°
Contact: 0118 936 2100
Website: www.mizuno.eu

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Mizuno Fairway Woods User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Sounds so good

    By n1085570

    After trying several different 3 woods I opted for the MX-700 as it was the easiest to hit consistently straight. It sounds great as well. Until I am ready to take on a driver (will be MX-700 as well) I am more than happy hitting this off the tee. It looks good as well at setup, gives me confidence and I'm new to the game.

  • 5 out of 5 fantastic

    By jonnysnoopdogg

    Never hit a better looking , easier to get up into the air , and straighter wood in my playin life. this club is awesome no other word can describe it.

  • 5 out of 5 Superb Fairways

    By headfort

    These are superb fairway woods. I've never hit fairway woods longer or straighter. They look great too