Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Fairway Wood Review

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  • TG Rating 4.2 out of 5
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  • Pros

    Penetrating flight from the tee. Excelled from semi rough.

  • Cons

    Limited stopping power into greens. Very pricey.

  • RRP £429.00

What we say...

The Exotics CB PRO fairway wood combines the smaller head size of the CB2 fairway with the revolutionary new ‘Slip Stream Sole’ to create the ultimate fairway wood for accomplished players. The Slip Stream Sole glides through the turf in remarkable fashion minimizing interaction and allowing the head to maintain maximum speed through impact. The CB PRO features Tour Edge’s premium beta titanium cup face and hyper-steel body to produce maximum distance in a fairway wood. As a result, the CT reaches the USGA-allowed maximum. Complementing the CB Pro’s superior head design, the Fujikura Speeder 661 and 757 Series shafts feature advanced Tour-proven performance, control and distance.

As reviewed in our Fairway Woods Test 2014:
Smaller head than most with a lot of depth to the face (so good off the tee) yet with a flat leading edge (so works off the deck). Very high quality shaft, felt heavier and firmer. Club speed was about average and the stronger loft helped me achieve above-average carries. Deep face and 14.5° loft made it a winner from the tee. Off the deck the silver ribbons help the club glide. The sound is odd, a high-pitched echo. But still one of the most powerful feeling on test. 

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