Yonex EZONE Elite Fairway Wood Review

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  • RRP £149.00

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Yonex use octaforce technology (octagon shaped sections and a web structure ) underneath the crown and behind the face to remove mass from ineffective areas to allow maximum weight to be positioned to influence spin and forgiveness. A low profile and wide head shape means a low and deep centre of gravity to help flight shots to optimise carry distance and playability.   

Our verdict:

Picking the right fairway can be a bit of a minefield as there’s so many to choose from (we tested 19) and each is tailored to different types of golfers. For us the Elite falls into the lightweight, easy high launch and forgiving category which probably means for lots of golfers it’s unlikely to be the longest fairway wood they hit. Where others boast of sliding weights, speed pockets and adjustable hosels the Elite’s design is pretty basic, but then that’s reflected in a more sensible price. Our testers thought the shallow, low profile but wide head and lightweight shaft was easy to generate speed with and launch from the turf. We reckon it’s well suited to mid to slower swing speed golfers who’d benefit from keeping shots in the air for longer to add extra carry distance.

Yonex EZONE Elite fairway

Bottom line:

As one of the higher spinning fairway’s on test the Elite was always going to struggle to compete when it came to raw distance, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a really friendly easy and forgiving club to hit from the fairway and tee.


Product Information


Lofts: 3W/15deg, 5W/18deg, 7W/21deg

Stock shaft: Yonex EX310

Adjustable hosel: Yes

How much loft change: +/- 1.5deg

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