Yonex VM-X Fairway Wood Review

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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
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Yonex has always been about producing hi-tech, high-quality gear. But gear that your dad might use. for whatever reason, the brand is associated with not being the coolest and we’ll admit it, lookswise the brand’s product hasn’t always appealed to the eye!

But with 2009 just round the corner, thigns are changing. The new VM-X range of woods and irons IS cool and hip and looks set to appeal to a wider range of golfers than ever before. But just because it’s chic and classy, don’t expect to lose any of that well-known Yonex quality.

2009 Review

Pro Chris and Kit hated Yonex VMX fairway wood looks – saying it’s fatter at the back than the face – but its performance marks were so good it grabbed a silver award. In fact, if the looks rating had been discounted the VMX would have taken top spot. Kit loved its performance from all situations, saying it was “ridiculously easy to hit”. George and Chris N liked the “terrific feel” and “effortless power”. Pro Chris didn’t rate it off the tee because of the higher ball flight but he enjoyed it off the deck and from the rough. The VMX was so close to a gold!

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The ‘fatter back’ cost the high-performing VMX a gold award.

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All our testers found it incredibly easy to hit in all situations.

Looks cost the Yonex VMX fairway wood a gold award!

The VM-X range of woods feature the Yonex-engineered HS6000 Carbon Graphite shaft that incorporates Hi-Stability technology for improved accuracy and the Centrifugal Force System (CFS) for greater distance.

The VM-X fairway wood series feature the new V-Slot head technology that lowers and deepens the centre of gravity for the perfect, distance-enhancing trajectory.

The tungsten weight further reduces the centre of gravity whilst helping square the face at impact. The Aero Pentagon Shape enhances distances and accuracy by reducing air resistance around the head for greater stability and speed through the swing.

Contact: 0208 742 9777
Web: www.yonex.co.uk

Product Information

Left Handed availableNo
Custom-Fit availableNo
ShaftsHS6000 Carbon Graphite Shaft

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Yonex Fairway Woods User Reviews

  • 4 out of 5 cheaper than nanospeed but better!

    By welshmonkey

    As normal i skipped down too my local AG with my Christmas money ready too buy the yonex nanospeed.When i got there i said wanted a new 3 wood and in to the nets i went and hated it, soo the shop pro said try some others and as sune as i touched the vm-x i loved it .The feel ,weight size and shape of head it  just felt right and of course bit cheaper which means i got some more balls too lose and tees too brake.   I have now had it 3 weeks and on the range found it hard too get use too, but after hitting buckets and buckets  with it i went on the course (before the snow) and bam it worked and the par  5 was soo much simple to reach in 3.