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Founders Club The Judge

The first thing both testers noticed immediately was the chunky appearance of these irons. The heads are large and not particularly pretty to look at, yet we were both pleasantly surprised at how well they performed.

The Judge was one of two sets in the test that came with a 3/4 –iron equivalent hybrid club. Although easy to hit there was actually quite a lot of difference in the utility clubs compared to the irons, which a consistent player would find frustrating. The short shaft was off-putting and the head shape and feel was completely different to the irons.

But the irons were greatly – the feel was good and every well-struck shot flew high and true. Mid and high handicappers will love these, yet the shorter irons will not be to the liking of an experienced player just because of their sheer size and overly large appearance.

Verdict: The judge irons are fine for the mid and high handicapper who likes a chunky look, but it would be difficult to recommend them above some of the other sets on test.

Shafts: Steel and graphite
RPP: £499 (steel), £599 graphite
Expect to pay: £349 (steel), £399 (graphite).
Left-hand? No
Ladies model? Yes
Tel: 08700 13 10 10

Product Information

Left Handed availableNo
Custom-Fit available
Forgiveness levelHigh
Graphite shafts availableYes
Iron typeCavity

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