Nike Golf Vapor Pro Irons Review

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  • Owner Rating 3.7 out of 5
  • RRP £699.00

What we say...

The Tech:

Created using modern muscle geometry. There’s straight leading edges and forward weighting to deliver ultimate shot shaping and a piercing trajectory. Face centred CG’s increase strike efficiency.


Our verdict:

We’ve got to hand it to Nike they certainly know how to make a cracking shaped iron. The Pro is the Nike model that Rory uses and it’s easy to spot the differences tour players demand. The soles are minuscule, the top edges have been on a very severe diet and there’s virtually no playability tech at all, which just goes to show how good and precise the top tour players are. It doesn’t mean many of us wouldn’t want to play with a set, it just means we need to put in plenty more hours at the range before we’re good enough to get the best out of them.  


Bottom line:

Buying into a set will be like living on the edge. Yes you’ll have good days where you stripe the hell out of them and you’ll score well, but as we all know golf isn’t a game of how good your good shots are, its much more about how good your bad shots are. If you’re prone to plenty you’ll get punished.        

Product Information

Availability 4-PW
Stock shaft Dynamic Gold
7iron loft/length 35 deg / 37.25”

Your Reviews

Nike Irons User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Unbelievable irons

    By Saintjohne

    Agree with last person really nice clubs , taken my game to a new level, look and feel amazing!! sweet spot seems to be massive added another 10-20 yeards on most irons.

  • 5 out of 5 Awesome

    By Hamish+4orlower

    Have to completely disagree with the previous review. The performance is outstanding especially in cross winds due to the fact they have moved the mass from the hosel to make the mass energy more towards the middle unlike all other irons where the most mass is closer to the hosel! I found on misfits the ball flight was pretty long aswell. I used them in KBS c taper and dynamic gold s300 and liked both shafts all models were great to hit. Some fantastic innovation again from Nike. Great feel and workability.

  • 1 out of 5 Over rated under engineered shite

    By Honestjohn

    I'm a +2 handicap golfer and for the first time considered changing from my usual mizuno or titleist blades and move to Nike. These are shocking! Badly weighted, poor ball flight in Kbs tour and Pxi shafts. The sweet spot is so alarmingly close to the hosel a shank is actually a safe option because a shot off the toe is at least 3 clubs short. If tiger seriously hits this close to the heal then the idea he is a pure ball striker is ruined. In turn, if you naturally hit the ball very close to the hosel, and don't want workability, but do like a small compact, powerful looking head, this is an option, but in all honesty, it really shouldn't be if you're a real player.