Tour Edge Exotics EXd Review

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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
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  • RRP £475.00

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A free-standing un-supported face with deep undercut mean the face is extremely hot and able to flex at impact. Progressive CG’s throughout the set optimise performance and two tungsten weights on the toe and heel deliver high MOI performance.   

Our verdict:

Ever noticed how easy it is to spot everything you don’t like about a golf club head but it’s not quite so easy to say what’s good about it? When we’re faced with this dilemma we look at the stats. And looking at the numbers for the EXd it’s absolutely fine. Just above average for carry distance, just below average for ball speed but for some reason none of our testers really felt the love. It’s nothing personal, we just didn’t love anything about it, from the feel to the head shape or the overall performance. Respect has to go to Tour Edge though for using the top quality KBS shaft and Lamkin grip which are certainly not cheap components!

Bottom line:

This certainly isn’t a damning of Tour Edge’s products. Trust us they do make some cracking kit particularly under the Exotics marquee. On this occasion we just struggled to for whatever reason to get the EXd working for us.    

Product Information

Availability: 4 – AW

Stock shaft: KBS Tour 90 (s) UST Mamiya Recoil (g)

Seven iron loft and length: 30.5deg / 37.25”

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