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Hand crafted in Japan by some of the finest craftsmen say Yonex. The N1-MB’s have a graphite insert in the back of the head to ensure unwanted vibrations are filtered, improving feel and making the N1-MB more forgiving than it looks.

Our verdict:

You won’t find many traditional blades that talk about new tech, because the two aren’t usually easy bedfellows. But somehow Yonex’s japanese craftsmen have hit on something by incorporating a new graphite insert behind the MB’s hitting surface. Chris Ryan reckoned even though the MB was a full on blade design with a wafer thin top edge and slender sole it produced one of the best feels from any better player iron on test. Which considering the competition is a heck of a statement. It would be completely unfair of us to read too much into our data as the MB’s seven iron loft was almost a club weaker than some, but if you absolutely have to have a set of blades in your bag and you’re particularly swayed by Japanese craftsmanship then these are fantastic.          

Bottom line:

The amount of golfers that realistically need a full on set of blades in the UK is tiny. Of those few the amount who’ll happily spend nearly £1400 on a set is even smaller. Which means no matter how nice the MB’s are, they’re aimed at a very small niche of golfers. If that’s you, go ahead fill your boots, you won’t be disappointed.

Product Information


Availability: 4 - PW

Stock shaft: Nippon Modus 3 125

Seven iron loft and length: 35 deg / 37”

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