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Cleveland say that 80% of golfers don’t have their eyes directly over the ball when putting, which leads to some serious issues with alignment and not striking putts from the centre of the face. They reckon by raising the alignment aid to exactly half the size of a golf ball they’ve created the most accurate alignment aid ever.

Our verdict:

Any MOI putter worth their salt comes with some sort of “fanged” head design. As having weight split between the fangs improves stability and forgiveness when putts are hit off centre. The really clever bit of design though comes in blending those fangs into a design which isn’t off putting or distracting and the Elevado does that in spades. It’s a really simple straightforward matt black head and there’s just a single silver alignment stripe right at the same height as the centre of the ball. We can’t say the alignment aid helped our testers hole more putts like Cleveland claim, but the theory behind it explains some of the mystique around the optical illusion of addressing a putt with an alignment aid which isn’t on the same level as the part of the putter you’re trying to hit putts with. It’s a clever idea, and we like it and if you’re the type of golfer who struggles with aiming correctly, hitting putts from the centre of the blade or just lacks a bit of confidence on the short grass the Elevado is well worth trying for yourself.

Cleveland TFi 2135 Elevado toe hang

Bottom line:

All in the Elevado’s a very solid MOI putter and with a price tag under £130 it won’t bust the bank balance. Thanks to the soft insert and polymer backer it feels good, and its circular groove tech has the capability to roll putts alongside the best. The smaller, traditional grip size was particularly refreshing on an MOI putter.   


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