Ping Vault Anser 2 Putter Review

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Milled from solid blocks of 303 stainless steel the Vault blade putters have been inspired from Ping’s work with its stable of tour pros. The Anser 2 is a classic shape and remains popular on tour. True Roll face technology sees grooves milled to different widths and depths which helps speed up off centre hits to increase putting consistency. A new oversize Pistol 62 grip promotes even and consistent grip pressure.    

Our verdict:

Ping have CNC milled tour players putters for years, believe it or not it’s actually easier than creating a new mould every time a tour player wants to try something new. It’s those years of experience and wealth of knowledge incorporated within every Vault design, that you’re effectively buying into. For us the Anser 2 come’s with serious credentials. It’s a tour proven shape, the finish is fantastic, it’s made from soft carbon steel and we know Ping’s putter boffins have poured over the new variable width and depth grooves in a putting lab for hours. But the million-dollar question and clincher to any potential purchase has to be, is it demonstrably better than what’s gone before? And that’s what our testers struggled to agree upon. We just couldn’t say for sure distance control, feel and roll were any better (which could partly be down to the new super-sized grip which felt huge on this style of head), which is a major claim of the Vault.

Bottom line:

We reckon only serious Ping fans will invest £275 on a Vault. Don’t get us wrong they’re lovely and absolutely will do a seriously good job for those who take the plunge with one. Just remember you can get exactly the same head shape in the Ping Sigma G range, with the same groove pattern and save yourself £100 in the process.    

Product Information

£299 adjustable shaft length

Head weight: 350g

Grip: Ping Pistol PP62

Toe hang: Strong

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