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Rory switched to a prototype of this model and won last years PGA Tour Championship and $11million in the process. A mid-mallet that’s precision milled in the USA by Scotty’s team of craftsmen with a 303 steel body and soft aluminium floating insert and sole to help raise MOI.  Which for golfers means a higher resistance to twisting when you hit putts off-centre.

Our verdict:

We can argue for hours about who’s the best putter designer in the world, but it’s difficult to look past Scotty Cameron if your criteria includes money and events won and the amount of tour pro’s using his models. Let’s not forget too he’s probably spend more time than any other designer working with the very best players in the world like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth right when they’ve been at their very best on the short grass. We loved the Newport M1 in last years Top Gear test and that bond hasn’t been broken. It’s a first class

ultra-stable mallet which as you’d expect feels fantastic and even though it doesn’t have any face groove tech like many modern designs it rolls putts just as smoothly as the very best.      

Bottom line:

We couldn’t agree if we all loved the “cross-hair” alignment set up or not, as its draws attention back from the impact position. But all in the M1’s an ideal face-balanced, mid-mallet design, and thanks to its stability-improving tech is still really effective. Scotty’s never come cheap and a £65 price hike from last year is huge, meaning this models highly likely to cost as much as a new driver.

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Product Information

Headweight: Variable on length.

Grip: Matador Red Midsize

Toe hang: Slight

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